How to Create a Cosy Bedroom

Derwent Bed

Creating a cosy haven of relaxation begins with selecting a style that makes you feel calm and comfortable. Whether you lean towards the simplicity and light of Minimalist or Scandi-style decor, or the warmth of bold colours and deep-toned prints.

Creating a mood board for your new cosy bedroom is a great way of visualising your furniture layout, alongside which accessories, colours, and lighting, you'd like to add to your space.

The Perfect Bed

Your bed can be as much of a centrepiece in your bedroom as you'd like, whether you prefer it to subtly compliment your room or make a show-stopping statement.
First, consider the size and ceiling height of your room. For lower ceilings, our low-level beds like the Pandon or Stepney are beautiful choices. If space is at a premium, our Baltic bed's unique design creates the illusion of floating, enhancing the sense of floor area and opening up the space. For those who favour an understated look, the Baltic and the Gosforth Bed Frame are excellent choices, offering simple sophistication.

Our collection of handmade, solid wood bed frames, is designed and made to last, with a 25 Year Guarantee. Whether you're looking for a Scandinavian-style bedroom, Rustic, Farmhouse, or a more contemporary style, you're sure to find the perfect cosy look for your bedroom.


Choosing Your Dream Mattress

A comfortable bed setup needs harmony between your bed frame and mattress, considering both firmness and fit. Medium-to-firm mattresses like the SleepSoul Space Mattress offer optimal support, simulating the sensation of floating. For those who prefer softer mattresses, the SleepSoul Bliss Mattress with its plush topper offers cloud-like comfort.

Our collection of dreamy mattresses features a variety of firmness levels and feels to make sure you find your perfect night’s sleep.

Stylish and Convenient Bedside Tables

A bedside table is more than just a piece of furniture; it's a convenient spot for your bedtime essentials. To ensure your bedtime routine is extra cosy, consider what you like to have at hand before drifting off to sleep. Whether it's a cup of green tea, a good book, or skincare essentials ranging from lip balm to a silk eye mask, making sure your bedside table has ample storage for all your needs is key to prioritising rest. This way, you can get rid of any clutter near your pillow, and the frustration of not remembering where something is when you need it.

When it comes to choosing the perfect bedside style for your bedroom, think about your interior design aesthetic. For rustic-inspired spaces, our Wansbeck Floating Bedside Table adds a beautifully simple yet rustic touch, enhancing spaciousness beside your bed and designed to look like it’s floating. Or, if you appreciate simplistic functionality and effortless style, our Sandyford Bedside Table offers an understated, chic choice. With ample tabletop space and a convenient drawer, it keeps your bedroom feeling light and airy, or, you could fit a bigger size bed!

Beautiful Bedroom Accessories

The key to creating a cosy bedroom is choosing furniture that you love and accessorising with pieces that make you feel warm and comfortable. Soft furnishings are a wonderful choice to add layers and increase the cosiness of your space. From a beautiful super soft throw for your bed, like this neutral wool one with a traditional block check weave made from Welsh wool, to plump cushions that add depth to your décor and add even more comfort.

Our top tip for bedroom accessorising is to keep everything intentional and clutter-free. Select just a few decorative items you love, like photo frames, trinket boxes, and candles, and let everything else be both functional and stylish additions. Such as a beautifully shaped table lamp to create a warm and cosy glow for the perfect ambience when you unwind.

Choose bedroom furniture that both reflects your style and is a beautiful addition to your space. Whether it’s a bed frame that matches the size and aesthetic of your bedroom, or a bedside table with the perfect amount of storage for you. By doing so, you can create a lovely, cosy atmosphere ideal for a peaceful night of rest.

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