25 Year Guarantee

We’re so confident that our furniture will happily be part of your home for many years to come that we offer a 25-Year Guarantee.

So, wherever you see our guarantee logo you can be confident that you’re buying handmade furniture that’s made to an exceptionally high standard.


Handcrafted To Last

We are specialists in handcrafted solid wood furniture. We design all our furniture with real life in mind, creating beautifully crafted pieces that’ll withstand everyday life at the heart of your home. Each piece of furniture is made, by hand, in our workshop by skilled craftspeople and joiners. It’s solid wood furniture that’s made with quality craftsmanship - built and designed to last.

Handmade furniture that’s designed and made for real life.

The Highest Quality Materials

We only choose the finest quality materials for our furniture. From the sustainably sourced timbers with FSC and PEFC certification, through to our choice of fixings and ironmongery. Everything our joiners and skilled craftsmen use has been rigorously tested and meets our exacting standards. If we’re not happy with the quality available on the market we have the parts made especially to our requirements.

Guarantee Terms and Conditions

What Is Guaranteed?

We guarantee that our handcrafted furniture will be free from materials and manufacturing defects under normal domestic household use, for the entirety of the guarantee period.

Check Eligibility

  • The guarantee refers to all qualifying orders taken from 1 June 2021.
  • Only items that display the Guarantee logo are covered.
  • Before you buy - If furniture is covered by the guarantee, you’ll see the Guarantee logo displayed on its page on our website.
  • After you buy - you will find the information on your Order Confirmation Email. Presence of Guarantee logo on an item of furniture on the website after you have purchased is not confirmation that it was covered by the Guarantee when you bought it.
  • The Guarantee begins from the date you take delivery of your furniture. The Guarantee covers the original purchaser and is only valid if the order confirmation email is kept for purposes of verification.
  • The Guarantee is only valid for products purchased, installed and used in the United Kingdom for the entirety of the lifetime of the product.
  • The Guarantee covers normal domestic use only. Commercial use of any kind, for any duration, is not covered.

Our Guarantee does not cover:

  • general wear and tear,
  • misuse and wilful neglect,
  • inappropriate cleaning,
  • Natural characteristics of the wood including expected movement as it ages, such as bows, twists, cracks and splits, accidental damage, exposure to extreme heat, direct sunlight / UV colour damage, smoke damage, water damage, and other events outside of Funky Chunky Furniture’s control
  • If you alter, modify or repair the item of furniture yourself the Guarantee is no longer valid. Unless these alterations, modifications, or repairs are advised by one of Funky Chunky Furniture's representatives.
  • If you dismantle the item of furniture for any reason the Guarantee is no longer valid.
What does the Guarantee Offer?

If you make an eligible and valid claim under this guarantee then we will offer you one of the following, at our discretion:


  • If we propose a repair then you must enable and support this work to be carried out.
  • If we repair the product then this guarantee will continue to apply for the remainder of the original guarantee period.
  • We may at any time abandon a repair and offer you a replacement or refund.


  • If the furniture design is still in manufacture, we will offer you a replacement.
  • If the same item of furniture is not available, we may offer you a comparable model and design, but you will have to pay the difference in price if one exists, and you will not be obliged to accept this offer. This cannot be extended to a different range or type of furniture.
  • If we replace the item then the guarantee shall cease and the replacement product will not be covered by this guarantee.
  • We may at any time abandon a replacement and offer you a repair or a refund instead, at our sole discretion.


  • A refund of the price you originally paid for the product (excluding delivery charges, service charges, and any other charges)

Our total maximum liability under this guarantee is limited to the original purchase price (excluding delivery and other charges).

How do I claim?

To make a claim, contact our customer services department on 0191 424 2494 or by email at info@funky-chunky-furniture.co.uk.

You must provide us with information and evidence that supports your claim.

Should we require it, you must provide us with access to your home to inspect the product, repair it, or take it away for repair or replacement

Have an issue?

If anything was to go wrong, you can simply get in touch with our Customer Services team.