5 Places At Home Where Floating Shelves Are Great Storage Solutions

5 Places At Home Where Floating Shelves Are Great Storage Solutions

Let’s face it. We all need more storage solutions in our homes. But, how do we find those extra spaces for all of our ‘stuff’?

Quite simply, by making the most of every under-used area of our homes, and transforming it into a useful spot for extra storage. This idea is made possible by floating shelves, they are great extra storage solutions.

One of the biggest advantages of floating shelves is that they fit into areas of your home where furniture, and bookcases just won’t work. That not only gives you extra storage space (instant win!) You can also choose shelving that complements your room’s colour scheme, and style them with accessories that add to the design of your space.

So, here’s our top five places around your home where open shelving can create valuable storage solutions and transform an otherwise dull area into a useful, and stylish area too.


#1 That Awkward Corner

We all have that one awkward corner of the room where, however hard you try, no piece of furniture is ever going to work! Well, floating shelves can make it work for you.

Stack several shelves and suddenly you have open shelving with loads of extra storage space. Maybe it’s the corner of the kitchen, and now you have pantry shelves! Or, in the space above the washing machine, and now it’s a utility area! Be creative, and transform that awkward corner into the most useful storage space in your home.

awkward corner storage in a kitchen with floating shelves
Image by @elm_terrace_interior


#2 Above The Sink

If you’re looking for the perfect storage solution in your kitchen, inject some personality and fun into the room with a handy floating shelf.

Placing a shelf above the sink makes use of a space that would normally be empty, perfect for storing kitchen essentials within easy reach.

If you’re lucky enough to have your sink under a window, looking onto rolling countryside or beautiful landscaped gardens, this one is not for you. However, if you’re a city-dweller or are living in a bijoux home, this idea is just for you!

floating wooden shelves above a kitchen sink
 Image by @renovating_two_one_six_


#3 In The Downstairs Toilet

The littlest room in your home, sometimes squeezed under the stairs or into the space between the kitchen and the utility room. Wherever it is, that downstairs toilet can double up as useful storage space.

Perhaps, you already have coats on the back of the door, cleaning equipment under the sink. How about some handy floating shelves above the toilet itself? You could use your new storage solution for spare hand towels, toilet rolls, or maybe a houseplant or two to make the space a bit less utilitarian.

Images of floating shelves in downstairs toilets
Images by @redrowludlow, @home_with_isabel, @friday_lane_

#4 In Your Hallway

Hallways have to be one of the most difficult spaces in your home to get right. It needs to be welcoming for guests and clear of clutter, but also a space that is able to store everything from handbags, shoes, coats, car keys and dog leads.

Narrow floating shelves are the answer to creating extra storage space in a hallway. Perfect for quickly placing down your car keys and post, without intruding on the space!

floating shelves in a hallway under the stairs
Image by @mrslhome 


#5 In An Alcove

Alcove storage can be tricky. 

You want to make the most of the space, but you’ll be incredibly lucky if you can find a piece of furniture which fits exactly. What’s the solution? Alcove shelving!

Whether it’s either side of a fireplace to create extra storage space for your collection of books, to transforming a corner of the room into a home office space, a media wall, or a display area for photos and accessories.

For more inspiration and ideas on how to use floating shelves around your home, take a look at our gallery of real homes.

floating shelves in alcoves either side of a fireplace, on a dark blue wall
Image by Claire 


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