Our People

  • Kevin - Managing Director

    Kevin is a skilled joiner by trade and started the business in 2013. He started by converting the garage of his former home into a small workshop and formed Funky Chunky Furniture, which has continued to grow throughout the years focusing on real furniture, made by real people, for real life.

  • Jordan


    Production Manager

    Jordan is our production manager and is responsible for overseeing the workshop team to make sure that all of our handmade furniture and shelves are on track and to our high standards. You may recognise Jordan from our 'How To' videos, as we often rope him in to help!

  • John


    Production Team Leader

    John is our production team leader, he spends a lot of his time focusing on making sure that all of your shelves are handcrafted perfectly. Do you have one of our shelves in your home? Then it will have been John who has played a part in creating it for you.

  • Chris


    Assembly Operative

    Chris is one of our assembly operatives, who handcrafts our outdoor and large orders. Chris often works closely with our furniture designer Andrew on new products when launching a new collection.

  • Sean


    Assembly Operative

    Sean is an assembly operative within our furniture team, he focuses on our larger orders such as bedframes, chest of drawers and sideboards and more. You may recognise Sean from our Behind the Scenes videos!

  • James


    Machine Operative

    Jimmy is one of our machine operatives. Do you have one of our shelves or mantels in your home? Well, it's Jimmy who has chosen that piece of wood and cut it to size!

  • David


    Machine Operative

    David is another one of machine operatives, he works hard cutting all of our wood to size for our shelves and mantels.

  • Martin


    Production Operative

    Martin is one of our production operatives who works mainly on our shelving, he spends a lot of his day waxing all of your orders!

  • Lee


    Production Operative

    Lee is one of our production operatives within the furniture team and he works mainly on smaller order such as coffee tables and benches.

  • Andrew


    Production Operative

    Andrew works within our production team, mainly working on sanding and waxing all of your orders.

Warehouse & Distribution
  • Liam


    Warehouse Team Leader

    Liam is our warehouse team leader and works with Kal packing up all of our furniture and shelves. Liam is part of our new sustainability project, where we are adapting our packaging and processes to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly!

  • Kal


    Warehouse Operative

    Kal is part of our dispatch team making sure that all of our furniture and shelves are wrapped and packed securely. He also contacts the couriers to come and collect our parcels when they're ready to be shipped out to customers.

Customer Service
  • Cal


    Customer Service Representative

    Cal works with Joe and Elisse in our customer services team. Cal works hard to ensure that each and every customer has a positive experience when shopping with us!

  • Elisse


    Customer Service Apprentice

    We are really proud of our award-winning apprenticeship programme, and Elisse has joined us by starting her Level 2 Customer Services Practitioner training.

  • James


    Operations Manager

    James is our Operations Manager, and he makes sure that everything is working smoothly and efficiently. One of his latest projects included using virtual reality to plan our new workshop layout, which has allowed production to continue seamlessly. From time to time we have had to call upon James for his photography expertise, he does have a degree in it after all!

Marketing & Design
  • Sophie


    Marketing Manager

    Sophie is our Marketing Manager who focuses mainly on our marketing strategies and managing our website. She develops all of the brochures and literature that our customers' receive and oversees our social media channels, along with curating our accessories collections.

  • Andrew


    Furniture Designer

    Andrew is always coming up with new designs and has just finished working on our latest collection, moving straight onto the next one. We can't wait to share all of his new designs with you. Andrew works closely with Kevin, Jordan and Chris so that all of his designs can be brought to life in the workshop.

  • Emily


    Marketing Executive

    Emily is our Marketing Executive and works on our digital content from social media to email campaigns. If you have tagged us in a photo including a Funky Chunky Furniture product, then there's a good chance you will have spoken to Emily!

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