How to Style a Warm Neutral Living Room

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Warm neutrals are a versatile set of soft, natural hues that are sure to make your space even cosier. Soothing colours like creamy whites, earthy beiges, and gentle browns create a serene backdrop, and pink tones fit into this colour palette perfectly too. If your living room is calling for a warm new aesthetic, here’s how to do just that and turn your living room into a neutral retreat.

Choosing Beautiful Wooden Accents

Natural wood pairs perfectly with warm neutral tones. If you love earthy hues, the beauty of natural wood accents in a rustic style is a wonderful choice for a country home aesthetic. However, if your preferences lean toward a luxe feel, the quality of raw materials brings the sophistication you’re looking for. Simply pick out high-quality wooden accents and accentuate the elegance of your space with tonal pairings of creams and textures to create a beautiful, luxurious look in your living room.

A wooden coffee table works perfectly as the centrepiece of your living room because wood is such a versatile material, ideal for matching with a range of styles. Pair it with a matching TV stand that you love, or even a wooden side table. Wooden accents not only bring a natural beauty to your living space but also add a sense of harmony and balance, which warm neutrals complement with their calm feel.

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Harmonising Your Furniture

Creating a space that feels cohesive makes your living room an even calmer environment. Too little furniture and accessories may feel empty, but too many could overwhelm your space. One of our top tips for creating a harmonious living room is to identify the middle line of your room and then work outwards. Decide whether a pair of matching lamps on two side tables works for you, or perhaps a statement rug as the show-stopping accessory. This approach works the same for your furniture; if a beautiful coffee table is where you’d like to draw the eye, choose a console table that complements your style. 

You could also consider choosing pieces that have a matching wood finish for maximum cohesiveness. Our Living Room Furniture collection offers a variety of beautiful wax finishes, so you can mix and match or stick with one that you love. When choosing your wax finish, consider your favourite aesthetic. Lighter finishes may be best suited to a coastal cottage feel or farmhouse-style décor. If you love rustic interiors, you might lean toward a darker shade or a rustic finish.

Perfect Neutral Soft Furnishings

A warm and welcoming room means it’s time to add the perfect neutral soft furnishings! Whether you love a minimalist approach or prefer layering your seating area with plush arrangements, consider knit throws in neutral shades or cushions in creamy or darker, more statement tones. It’s a great idea to add new textures to a neutral space to enhance visual interest and to feel that extra cosiness. The mix of materials is sure to invite you to sink in and unwind, even after the longest of days; your warm neutral living room will be a serene haven!

Bringing Nature Inside

If you’d like to add even more texture and a little pop of colour to your neutral space, adding greenery is our top tip for accessorising a warm neutral living room! You can choose planters or vases that add complementary tones to your warm neutral space. We absolutely love this Dusky Pink Pot for houseplants. The charming pink colour is a warming tone that is soft enough to merge perfectly with a neutral backdrop. If you’d prefer more beige and white tones, this rustic-style vase is a handy size for small plants! Snake plants, pothos, and succulents are low-maintenance but have the same fantastic effect as plants with a more complex care schedule. So, you can rest assured that your mix of textures will bring an even more serene and welcoming feel to your space.

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Styling a warm neutral living room is a wonderful way to embrace soft and soothing colours. Our living rooms are a place to unwind and relax, so has there ever been a better colour palette for the job? Create your haven at home with our top tips for this interior style!

Whether you’re looking for warm wooden accents in our Living Room Furniture collection or home accessories to craft your neutral retreat, you’re sure to style a living room that you can’t wait to get back to.

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