How to Host the Perfect Garden Party

How to Host the Perfect Garden Party

Hosting a garden party is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors and celebrate a special occasion. What makes this type of celebration even better is the relaxed atmosphere that hosting at home brings; you can make the most of your outdoor space and enjoy the sunshine from the comfort of your own garden.

Whether you’re hosting a garden party for a birthday, anniversary, or just an extra special mealtime, here’s our guide to creating the perfect environment for a great party.


Summer-Ready Tableware

When it comes to hosting, great tableware is always essential. Whether you’re shopping for the basics or looking for something new to make your occasion a bit more special, we have a variety of brilliant options to choose from for all tastes.

Shopping the Essentials

If you need new serving solutions for side dishes to accommodate additional guests, this beautiful stoneware serving dish is the ultimate sharing plate. As handy as it is stylish, you can load this dish with pasta, rice, salad, and more, inviting everyone at the table to help themselves! Pair with beautiful white stoneware plates to complete the look; they are sure to become a staple when you dine. Whether it's freshly baked bread, tapas, a fruit bowl, a cake stand, or even a sharing platter, use this handcrafted stoneware plate to serve up delicious food at your garden party.

Stylish Dining Staples

Elevated dining is made easy with just a few carefully picked staples. By choosing the perfect pieces, you can add a stylish twist to your outdoor dining, transforming your garden into a party-ready space. One of our top tips for giving your table layout an elevated feel, ideal for special occasions, is decanting where possible! Whether you choose this stunning green decanter, perfect for when a tipple is in order, or this beautiful tall glass wine carafe, stylish al-fresco dining is within reach. How about this ribbed jug in a wonderful shade of green? It's the perfect accessory for any outdoor table. Whether it’s a fun brunch party with juice or an evening affair with a gin cocktail, this handy little jug wouldn’t go amiss! Decanting isn’t just for beverages either.

Pick out these stylish salt and pepper bowls for a touch of sophistication, ideal for your outdoor dining setup. Oil and vinegar look truly fantastic in this set of classic glass bottles with a dark wood tray! Decanting is sure to add a special touch beyond everyday table top items.


Cosy Soft Furnishings

Sometimes, transforming your outdoor space can be easily done with little more than a few beautiful soft furnishings. Whether your style is cosy, vibrant, sleek, or neutral, check out these textiles that will help you decorate your outdoor space with ease.

1. Add a Fun Rug

Rugs aren’t just perfect indoors; on a nice and warm day, a vibrant rug under your dining table is sure to create an inviting space, adding a new and interesting touch. It looks great, and will also designate the eating area from the rest of your party.

2. Cushions & Seat Pads

Not only will your guests sit in comfort, but you'll also add texture and interest with cushions. Whether you love neutral textiles, like this cream pom-pom cushion, or a splash of colour, like this blue flowery cushion, your outdoor space will be both stylish and welcoming. You could also add cushion pads, like this stunning blue set, for some additional colourful comfort. For those who prefer neutral hues, our natural cotton seat pads add a lovely charm to your dining area.

3. Soft Blankets & Throws

If you’re planning to enjoy your garden party into the evening, soft and handy blankets and throws are sure to keep you cosy as the sun goes down. Whether you’re playing a game around the dining table, relaxing together on alternative seating, or having a little boogie, wrap a warm blanket around your shoulders for easy warmth!


Fun Final Touches

Decorating for a garden party is all part of the fun! Our collection of garlands and decorations are ideal for many occasions, brightly coloured and beautifully handmade using biodegradable materials and natural dye, as well as being Fair Traded with the craftspeople in Nepal. We absolutely love this pretty felted wool pastel garland, perfect for decorating a pergola, shrubbery on a sunny day, or the table. If you prefer a brightly coloured option, why not choose this rainbow garland?

Complete your outdoor ambience with a lantern or two, whether on the table or placed around your seating area, for a stunning touch as the evening draws in.

With our top tips, you can style your garden to perfection and host a wonderful garden party. Make your next celebration one to remember and enjoy quality time with your loved ones in the sunshine. Whether you’re looking for beautiful tableware, soft furnishings, or the ideal finishing touches for your outdoor space, Funky Chunky Furniture has exactly what you need to pull off a dreamy party in your garden!

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