A Guide to Decluttering Your Home in 2024

Derwent Style Living Room

A spot of decluttering is one of the best ways to start the new year with a fresh feeling. Having a neat, tidy, and clutter-free space will make you feel relaxed and organised as the new year gets going. So, here's our guide to decluttering your home in 2024!

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3 Great Reasons to Declutter Your Home

1. Create a Relaxing Space

We know and love the feeling of relaxing in a freshly cleaned home too. Why not spend some time decluttering? Sort through everything, and find new places for anything sitting around. It'll make you feel relaxed and refreshed once it's done!

2. More Organisation

Decluttering your home is also a great way to feel better organised. No more searching for wires that keep disappearing or books you put down! Put everything you need in organised places so you know where they are.

3. Refresh Your Home's Layout

By identifying areas where clutter seems to appear it'll help you decide if furniture should be moved elsewhere, or pick out places where you'd love new storage solutions.

A great starting point is storage in the hallway, to stop that "just dropped" effect when everyone comes home in the evening and dumps everything in the hall! You could also choose additional desk storage for your home office to keep things tidy when working from home. Or, decide if your living room would benefit from a handy new sideboard, perfect to put away cushions, throws, magazines, and anything else that needs a new home out of sight.

 Ouseburn Desk

The Ouseburn Desk is the perfect minimalist addition to your home office.


How to Get Started Decluttering Your Home

Here's our tips for great decluttering methods to get you started sorting out clutter ahead of Spring; room-by-room.

How to Declutter Your Living Room

1. Use Multipurpose Furniture

Start by clearing out any clutter around your living room. You might want to get rid of some items and put away anything else.

This process can help you decide if you need new storage solutions, and it's a good idea to choose multipurpose pieces; think TV stands, a living room essential, with a useful cupboard or drawers, or a wooden coffee table with built-in storage to clear away clutter and maximise space. Our collection of handmade living room furniture offers stylish and functional choices, ideal for decluttering your home, whilst creating a beautiful room for everyday living.

2. Make Space for Relaxation

Your living room is your place of relaxation, and decluttering helps to create a space that is cosy and welcoming after a busy day. To make space for relaxation, only leave out items that complement your home's décor, such as trinkets, treasures, candles, and fragrances, and put anything else away.

Think about what you enjoy doing in your downtime, and choose furniture that works for you. For example, if you love to read, and there are often books on different surfaces, why not pick out a bookcase? Choose one with quirky angles for a stylish focal point to display your books. Or, choose a handmade bookcase with wooden doors to put away your latest read in arms reach, ready for you to enjoy the next chapter.

3. Put Away the Essentials

There are some living room essentials, such as remotes, games consoles, and cables, that need to remain in the room, but don't have to take up any surface space. It's a good idea to store them where they make sense, so they are easy to find. For entertainment items, a TV stand with useful storage is an excellent choice.

Our Derwent TV Stand is a beautiful piece of solid wood furniture and is ideal for your living room with plenty of space for both your TV and accompanying items with its shelf and spacious deep drawers.

Derwent TV Stand

Our handmade solid wood Derwent TV Stand in Walnut.

How to Declutter Your Kitchen and Dining Room

Whether you have an open-plan kitchen diner or separate rooms, here are our top tips for decluttering your kitchen and dining room.

1. Keep a Tidy Tabletop

Keep your dining table clutter-free by choosing a centrepiece that doesn't overwhelm the space. You could add a vase with fresh flowers for a cosy Farmhouse feel, or perhaps a minimalist bowl if your idea of home heaven is sleek and simple.

Caddies are great for minimising clutter and organising your table in style. We love the neutral look of this cutlery caddy, handwoven from seagrass. Pair with these natural stripe napkins to add an air of sophistication to your everyday meals.

2. Organise Your Surfaces

When decluttering, you may notice items on the surfaces that could be stored away to create a clutter-free look. Keep any spices on the countertop tidy and close at hand with this bamboo spice rack; perfect for storing spices in style.

Storage baskets are essential for keeping spaces neat and organised, whether you're adding to your kitchen countertop, or instantly tidying up unruly shelves.

3. Add Kitchen Storage

Adding wooden shelving to your kitchen is one of our favourite ways of creating additional storage space. Besides being a great place for storage, it also adds a beautiful touch to your kitchen décor.

Storing everything from chopping boards to jars and plants; wooden shelving in your kitchen may be just what it needs to declutter your space. How about installing this stunning copper wine glass holder underneath for an easy way to store wine glasses within reach?

Copper Wine Glass Holder

Display your wine glasses with this Copper Wine Glass Holder.

How to Declutter Your Bedroom

1. Organise Your Wardrobe and Drawers

If you're in need of some extra storage space in your wardrobe area, why not store handbags, jumpers, and anything else in under-bed storage boxes? They're the perfect way to make use of unused storage space under your bed!

Another great storage solution for any towels or bedding is a stylish and practical blanket box. It'll look great at the end of your bed, harmonising beautifully with your bedroom's décor whilst creating more space in your wardrobe and drawers.

2. Choose Peaceful Accessories

Decreasing the accessories on surfaces is a top tip for keeping a clutter-free bedroom. The best way to create a serene space is to choose a few things that make you happy, such as a picture frame holding a special moment, or an ambient candle or fragrance. Don't overwhelm the space in your bedroom, keep it simple so you can unwind and relax.

3. Clear the Bedside Table

Bedside tables are the perfect place for bedroom essentials, but they should remain clutter-free so you can relax. Keep anything you frequently use on your bedside table, and put anything else away for a calming space.

Our collection of handmade wooden bedside tables are made in our rustic style, whether you're looking for apt storage space, our Derwent Bedside Table, which comes with two well-sized drawers. Or, a minimalist look with the Gosforth Floating Bedside Table, perfect for those who enjoy an uncluttered and unfussy look or when space is premium.

Derwent Bedside Table

The rustic Derwent Bedside Table offers great storage space.

How to Declutter Your Hallway

1. Utilise Vertical Space

Coat hooks are the unsung heroes of any entrance or hallway, making sure your outerwear stays out of the way whilst making use of vertical space. It's a small addition that makes a big impact - and, the best part about our collection of coat hooks is that they come in a variety of different styles to suit your hallway décor!

2. Pick Out Functional Accessories

Decluttering your hallway means picking out accessories that help to keep clutter to a minimum, and are functional and stylish! Storage baskets are a great choice for keeping clutter at bay, whether you keep them under a console table, on a surface, or just by the door! They're perfect for keeping the dog's lead, mail, and other items in a tidy space.

Another great option for accessorising your hallway is a mat for dirty shoes. Even though it's great for catching any dirt, you can choose a design to add a fun touch to your entryway, such as this welcoming black cat doormat, a star, or just this simple woven doormat to add some natural textures.

3. Spacious Storage Solutions

If your hallway needs a storage solution with lots of space, why not add a console table? You could place shoes and bags underneath a console with a handy shelf, as seen with our Armstrong Low Console Table; the perfect piece for a busy household, to create space for anything that gets dumped in the hallway after a busy day!

The unpredictable British weather often calls for an umbrella, but without anywhere to store it, it quickly becomes hallway clutter when you step through the front door. Come rain or shine, this handy Oak Umbrella Stand is the perfect place to put down your umbrella. It keeps your floor nice and dry too, as it comes with a metal tray to catch any drips!

Armstrong Low Console Table

The Armstrong Low Console Table with low storage, ideal for shoes and bags.


Keeping a Clutter-Free Home

Once you've decluttered your home for 2024, you can easily keep it clutter-free by following daily habits such as tidying little and often, and decluttering small areas as you move through the year. Create a peaceful environment and make the most of it - it will help you feel calmer and reduce feelings of stress! Your home is your sanctuary.

Looking for the perfect furniture to refresh your home décor? Our quality, handmade furniture comes with a 25-Year Guarantee; happily becoming part of your home for years to come. Shop by room, and find the perfect pieces to harmonise with your home.

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