Understated Home Design- The Quiet Luxury Trend

Understated Home Design- The Quiet Luxury Trend
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Originating from the fashion industry, quiet luxury has stepped into the world of home design and has quickly become one of the year’s most defining trends.
Continue reading to receive expert tips from our stylists to achieve the quiet luxury look, emphasising timeless sophistication and understated elegance.

What Is The Quiet Luxury Home Design Trend?

Quiet luxury is about achieving a refined and understated design, switching glitz and glam for something more classic and ageless. It gives the impression of an effortless beauty, elevating the essentials for a more sophisticated look.
Quiet luxury has notes of minimalism but is more relaxed, warm, and inviting in its execution. It focuses on tranquillity, transforming the home into a soothing oasis that contrasts with the commotion of our daily lives outside our safe spaces.
While many home design trends tend to come and go, quiet luxury is seemingly here to stay, highlighting the importance of timeless design and comforting, subtle detailing.

How To Incorporate Quiet Luxury Inside Your Home

When you see the term “quiet luxury,” you might instantly assume that the trend involves spending a lot of money on expensive items that give the impression of a luxurious home.
Luckily, this isn’t the case, and the quiet luxury trend is actually a lot more achievable than you might have initially thought! Here are some of the primary points to keep in mind when dressing your home for quiet luxury:

1. Neutral Colour Palettes

The living room has a modern and cozy design. There is a large, light beige sectional sofa with multiple cushions against a textured golden-brown wall. In front of the sofa, there is a wooden coffee table with a dark brown finish, which has a small decorative item and a book on it. The coffee table is placed on a fluffy white rug. To the left, there is a glimpse of a curtain that seems to be of a light color, possibly beige or white.

Like many modern home trends, inviting neutral colour palettes are essential to achieving that elegant, quiet luxury style. Muted hues, off-white, and shades of beige all work nicely together to create that classic yet cosy feeling.
Add subtle touches of colour through your accessories with a nature-inspired theme to create a sense of peace and serenity. For example, you could layer throws and soft furnishings in a sage green or muted blue colour.
These tones will allow your furniture to take centre stage while your decor works hard in the background to emit a refined, luxurious atmosphere.

2. High-Quality Materials

A close up of a wooden coffee table on a light cream bobbled rug.

Timeless, high-quality staples are one of the key characteristics of the quiet luxury trend. Rather than buying into all the flashy big-name brands that mass-produce a lot of their products, opt for furniture that is handmade and built to last from the highest quality materials.
Quality is key when designing a home that is intended to appear fashionable and up-to-date despite the generations passing. When leaning toward quiet luxury home design, it is important to furnish your space with fewer pieces that are versatile and long-lasting.
When you can see that your furniture is of high quality, your home will instantly emit that sense of calming luxury that you are looking to achieve.

3. Taking The Minimal Approach

a wooden table against a white brick wall. On the table, there is a small potted plant with green leaves, a vase with two decorative palm leaves, and a wooden holder with pens. Behind the table, there is a small wooden stool with another potted plant.

Quiet luxury projects a stunning simplicity, but a lot of thought and care often goes into the decor to have it appear this way. The refinement often comes from who and where each piece is from; a careful curation of purposeful decor.
Avoid cluttering your space with unnecessary items, keeping it simple and sophisticated. Keeping things minimal will create that calming feel throughout your home, with a light and airy touch.

What Are The Benefits Of Quiet Luxury Home Decor?

There are many benefits to the quiet luxury style, but the most prominent is creating a calm and serene living space that you can draw comfort from. Various elements of the quiet luxury trend play into this, including the minimal aesthetics and neutral colour palettes.
At Funky Chunky Furniture, you can find high-quality wooden furniture pieces that are perfect for laying down the foundations of your quiet luxury home style. Decorate with our choice of carefully curated neutral accessories, and elevate your home with the quiet luxury trend!
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