Colour Trend: Neutral Homes

Colour Trend: Neutral Homes

Top tips for creating that perfect neutral room in your home.

Neutral colour schemes, done well, create a home that feels fresh, modern and luxurious. 

But, with everything in your home being cream, white, natural or beige, you have to be careful not to be dull. Too much neutral, not done carefully, can, quite frankly, become dull and lifeless. 

So, how do you create a neutral scheme in your home and keep it interesting? How are neutrals warm and inviting, cosy and comforting, stylish and nurturing?

scandi style bed at twilight with layers of soft furnshings on it

Layering is the key to neutrals success

The answer is, layering. Think about combining not just tones, but textures and materials. If you're going for a laid-back luxury style in your home, think about what luxury actually means. It's not just about looking stylish, it's about feeling luxurious too. So, choose fabrics that are tactile, finishes that look and feel expensive, and tones that are a bit more unusual and unexpected. 

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Create an inspiration moodboard

Create a moodboard for the room you're styling that captures the look that you're hoping to achieve. Then look closely at just what's gone into that room's styling? You're sure to find plenty of combinations of fabrics, textures, layering of accessories either on top of each other, or side by side to create differences in height and interest for the eye as it scans across, for example, open shelving, or on a coffee table. 

grid of accessories with neutral tones for every room

Choose the right accessories

In many cases, less is more. But, in neutral interior schemes, more is more. Or, at least, more is more when you've carefully curated the space. You want accessories that add interest to your scheme, that bring life to the room, unexpected touches that create moments of interest as you enjoy the space and relax in its tranquility. So, choose soft furnishings that add texture and depth to your seating. Go for vases and lamps that create height and interest on side tables, sideboards or shelves. Add smaller accessories into the space that are stylish and unexpected.

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