Latest Interior Trends: Natural Exploration

Latest Interior Trends: Natural Exploration
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We have identified Natural Exploration as being one of the key trends for Autumn Winter 2023! Nature has a profound effect on us as humans. We long for time spent outdoors and all the healing qualities that it can have. That is why it is a key home trend for the new season.
Bringing elements of nature inside the home can help us feel more at ease on days when we struggle to get outdoors, helping us create a home environment that promotes peaceful tranquillity. 

A Timeless Interior Trend For Autumn Winter 2023

An image of a cosy living room with a large window. the room has a nature-inspired wallpaper with trees and birds. There is a wooden coffee table in the centre of the room with a woven basket and a vase with white flowers. In front of the window is a wooden console table. To the left of the room is a wooden TV Stand with slatted cupboards.

Time spent exploring nature helps us to be inspired, grounded, and calm. Imagine how you feel on an Autumnal walk through the woods as the leaves are starting to fall, or a crisp wintry stroll with the frosted ground crunching underfoot.
Gain a sense of Natural Exploration by adding soothing greens and timeless blues to your home, through natural textiles and materials that feel outdoorsy and rugged. Continue reading to learn more about one of the most prominent home trends for this season! 

Capturing The Essence Of Natural Exploration With Funky Chunky Furniture

Wondering how you can enjoy the comforting presence of nature when spending time at home? We have everything you need to embrace the Natural Exploration trend, from rustic furniture pieces to stylish accessories that evoke a sense of peace and serenity. 

Sandyford Living & Dining

An image of a room with teal walls, and a wooden dining table and benches. On the wall, there are two decorative deer heads with ornate frames.

The Sandyford range is one that instantly brings peace of mind, with a clean, unfussy design and minimalist features that offer to create a soothing atmosphere inside your home. 
With heavy Scandinavian design influences, this range promotes beautiful simplicity. It allows you to relax and feel at ease, surrounded by natural textures and warm tones. 
The floating table tops in this collection provide a light and airy feeling, keeping your space from looking cluttered and adding to those minimalist aesthetics. Complete the look with green and blue-toned accessories, rounding off the calming, nature-inspired space. 

Derwent Living

A living room scene. There is a large window with curtains, through which you can see greenery. The room has a light colour scheme with white walls and a light wooden floor. There is a grey sofa with blue and grey cushions and a grey throw blanket. In front of the sofa, there is a wooden side table with a mug on top and some books on the shelf below. to the right of the side table there is a wooden cabinet.

The Derwent Living collection offers a selection of rustic pieces that make the home feel comforting, and inviting. This collection captures our signature chunky design style, with a country farmhouse influence. 
Picture yourself in a small cottage surrounded by trees and vibrant fields. The fresh country air fills the room and the sun reflects on the rustic wooden furniture, instantly warming up the space. If peace is what you’re searching for, the Derwent collection can help you find it. Stay on-trend this season with gorgeous wooden furniture that reminds you of the world outdoors.

Home Accessories

A grid image showing multiple home accessories. At the top it reads, "Trend: Natural Exploration"

If you are looking to make a few quick and simple changes in your home to achieve the Natural Exploration style, investing in some of our new home accessories is a great place to start. 
For example, the Tartan Wool Blanket is a subtle yet effective touch that will instantly bring a countryside atmosphere to your living room. If a more light and airy minimalist feel is more your style, a wooden table lamp with a neutral shade could be just the thing to complete your space. 

Stay On-Trend This Season By Bringing Nature’s Beauty Inside The Home

Discover the healing qualities of nature through your choice of home decor. Incorporate wooden furniture and soothing accessories into your interior for a truly tranquil atmosphere.
Explore the Natural Exploration trend through our accessories, or browse through our Sandyford and Derwent collections to gather inspiration for your space. Whether you prefer chunky farmhouse-style pieces or the clean, streamlined Scandi aesthetic, we have it all! 
Transform your home into a serene safe haven where you can relax surrounded by nature’s influences. 
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