Colour Trend: Blue

Colour Trend: Blue

Blue is the colour of the season for Summer 2023, but how do you introduce such a vibrant colour to your home without committing to a big transformation? 

Azure, sky, deep, turquoise, cerulean, or royal blue, introduce the look of the season with accent pieces or go bold with a full room design. Capture the look of the season, refreshingly cool and inspiringly creative.

However you look at it, blue is a big trend for this Summer. It's everywhere, from accent colours through to full room schemes celebrating its vibrancy. 

We chose to use a beautiful blue as the backdrop to our new Sandyford collection, painting natural wooden wall panelling to bring it to life and create a real depth to the 3D profile of the slats. 

wooden bed with modern style and two bedsides against a blue wooden slatted wall with blue accessories

But what really brought the scheme to life was the accessories and finishing touches - all available from our collection on the website. Carefully chosen to continue the blue theme throughout the room, layering different tones of blue, textures, fabrics and materials, to create a look with depth and a saturation of blue. 

Of course, you don't have to embrace the blue trend quite so wholeheartedly in your home to still be on trend for this Summer. Instead, introduce a few key accessories to a room, to add an accent colour, bring it to life, and update your look quickly and easily. Or, if you prefer to get the paintbrush out, choose a blue that you absolutely love and use it to accentuate an architectural feature in a room, or one key area. Paint is a bit more permanent than a quick accessory update though, so make sure you really love that colour before putting it on your walls! 

And remember, while interiors trends change every season, and 'the' colour changes just as frequently, if you love a colour, and it works for your home, there's no need to refresh your look. Instead, build on the colour scheme, add more layers and interest to the look, and embrace your favourite colours!

blue home accessories in a grid of images

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Sophie, Interior stylist at Funky Chunky Furniture discussing our wood options

Sophie O'Mahony

Sophie is our in-house interior fashion expert, writing our on-trend blogs and curates our ethical accessory collections.

Sophie works with the furniture designers at Funky Chunky Furniture - she has quite a bit of experience creating rustic interior design sets for photo shoots across all rooms in the home.

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