How to Create Your Dream Bedroom

Stepney Bed Frame

When it comes to creating your dream bedroom, choosing to decorate in a style you love is the perfect way to create a comfortable and calming space. Whether you lean towards simplicity, décor that is light, bright, and uplifting, or bold colours and cosy prints. Why not create a mood board for your new bedroom? Pair your favourite colours, lay out furniture in groups, and find accessories that fit perfectly with your style.

Here's how to create the bedroom of your dreams, a restful haven for a great night's sleep.


How to Pick Your Bedroom's Colour Palette

Exploring different colour palettes for your new bedroom is a great way to start. This can range from calming neutrals, to bold or patterned colours.


Neutral colours will feel calm and serene in your bedroom. Light and bright, they also work well to create the look of maximised space. Going for neutrals in your bedroom is a great tip for smaller rooms!


Brilliantly paired with wooden tones and white furniture, pastel colours are soft and welcoming, a favourite for Farmhouse-inspired spaces to create a cosy and homely bedroom. They're also set to be a big trend in 2024, so get ahead of the curve!

Bold Colours

Bold colours bring a vibrant energy, and well-placed bright and colourful accessories add a touch of fun to any room. Darker colours can create a bedroom that feels cosier, just right for snuggling up and relaxing.


Choosing the Perfect Bed

Your bed can be used as much, or as little as a centrepiece as you'd like it to be. When choosing the right bed for your bedroom, take into consideration the size of your room, maybe you have a lower ceiling where our low level beds, like the Pandon, Sandhaven or the Stepney would fit perfectly.

If your style is unfussy, modern, and minimalist, the sleek look of our Gosforth Bed Frame or Baltic, will fit into your bedroom's aesthetic like a dream, but still make a statement - with their beautiful natural wood and simple sophistication.

For homes with a rustic or Farmhouse style, the Derwent and Coleridge bed frames are a stunning choice. The Derwent has a strong rugged design, with a tall and chunky headboard, and the Coleridge is an ideal choice for bedroom's that lean into the rustic look.

Pandon Bed Frame

The Pandon Bed Frame, the perfect low level bed.


You can also consider different bed features that you love. Maybe you'd like a headboard, or footboard. And, any unused storage space in your bedroom can be transformed with under bed storage boxes; paired perfectly with our handcrafted Coleridge or Derwent bed frames.


Pairing Your Bed and Mattress

Your bed frame and mattress work in harmony with each other to create a comfortable bed, with your bed frame as your mattress's foundation, but choosing the right mattress means considering its firmness as well as its fit.

Ideally suited for those who prefer a medium-to-firm mattress, the SleepSoul Space Mattress provides your body with optimal support - fittingly named, it's like you're floating in space! Some do lean towards a soft, cushioned mattress. If a cloud of comfort doesn't go amiss, we know the perfect mattress for you - the SleepSoul Bliss Mattress's plush topper is wonderful to sink into.

Together with our solid wood bed frames, our mattress range works wonders for a great night's sleep. They'll happily become a pair in your home for years to come.


Deciding on a Bedside Table

The perfect companion to your bed, choose a bedside table that suits the style of your room, whether you love the understated, like our Gosforth Floating Bedside Table; for minimalistic rooms or when space is premium. Or a rustic, solid wood bedside table with spacious drawers for all of your bedtime accessories.

Choosing a bed from one of our ranges of handcrafted wooden bedroom furniture, you'll find a bedside table to match perfectly. From our Gosforth range, designed with sleek lines in compact styles, or Wansbeck's rustic style furniture, with plenty of opportunities to choose from hidden storage options!

Wansbeck Floating Bedside Table

The Wansbeck Wooden Floating Bedside Table in Smoke Pine.


Make Use of Modular Storage

Enhance your bedroom for everyday living with modular storage. Make the most of your space in a cosy bedroom, or for neutral and pastel spaces - emphasise that light, bright, and spacious feeling.

We love modular storage, with a range of storage options, so you can choose what works best for you. Maybe you're storing your go-to trainers, for those get-up-and-go mornings with our Pandon Modular Wardrobe, or putting your cosiest favourites in easy reach to warm up chilly days. This wardrobe is perfect for creating hanging space that doesn't dominate the room, the ideal choice for functional and stylish bedroom furniture.

Pandon Modular Wardrobe

The Pandon Modular Wardrobe is perfect for maximising bedroom storage.


Beautiful Bedroom Accessories

When accessorising your bedroom, keep it simple. It's the perfect way to create a relaxing space. Just a few of your favourite accessories, like pictures of treasured moments, lamps, candles, and fragrances.

Make sure your bedside table remains uncluttered, to keep a calm space around your bed. If you like to keep bits and bobs at hand when winding down for the day, choose a spacious bedside table with useful storage, perfect for books, chargers, and anything else you need.

Grey Concrete Table Lamp

This Grey Concrete Table Lamp is perfect for Scandi-inspired bedrooms.


Your dream bedroom begins with picking out the perfect colour scheme, choosing a layout you love, and furniture that creates a truly unique space for your day-to-day life. The bedroom of your dreams should reflect what makes you feel calm after the busiest of days.

Our range of beautiful, handcrafted wooden Bedroom Furniture and SleepSoul Mattresses work together to create the bedroom of your dreams, so you can count sheep in peace!

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