Choosing the Best Bedroom Accessories to Harmonise with Your Bed

Choosing the Best Bedroom Accessories to Harmonise with Your Bed

From cosy throws to styling stylish bedside tables, here are the best ways to choose bedroom accessories that transform your space into a comfortable retreat. Find the ideal accessories to harmonise with your bed and complement your bedroom's décor style.


1. Soft Furnishings for Your Bed

Our collection of handmade bed frames come in a range of interior styles, from Scandinavian, Rustic, Farmhouse, to more contemporary style. And, our beautiful cushions and cosy throws and blankets are no different, with a range of options, so you’re sure to find the perfect ones for your bed.

If you’re crafting a haven at home, soft furnishings in neutral colours like this classic herringbone throw, are sure to add a touch of relaxation - made from super soft pure wool, it’s perfect for snuggling up. If you love a tonal, yet neutral accessory, we also love this checked throw in a grey and natural hue. It’s another choice perfectly suited to a calm neutral colour scheme. For a feel of quiet luxury in your space, don’t forget to add textures with your neutral-themed soft furnishings, this super soft faux fur cushion isn’t only a cosy choice for your bed - it’ll add a lovely texture and interest to your décor.

Neutrals are well-suited to Minimalistic or Scandi-inspired spaces. If you love a pop of colour, this coral-checked cushion is the perfect choice. Its cheerful, bright design pairs well with complementary tones or adds a splash of colour to white or beige bed linen.

You could even add a blanket box to your bedroom, either at the end of your bed or against an empty wall space, to provide a functional and stylish storage solution for off-duty soft furnishings, and bed linen or towels!

2. Styling Your Bedside Table


Whether your bedside is a refined rustic floating design, or has a Farmhouse-style look, you’ll need the perfect table lamp to create a warm glow when it’s time to unwind. When choosing the perfect lamp to harmonise with your bed, consider which décor style you love - our collection of lighting has a range of styles. With a minimalistic base, this beautifully shaped grey concrete table lamp will fit into a variety of décor, from Industrial, to Scandinavian. Its cool yet soft look is a serene choice of lamp for your bedside table.

If you love classy accessories, this brass table lamp adds a touch of elegance to your space, and it’s super convenient with a dimmer function and touch technology. Perfect for bedtime readers, brighten up the ambience or dim it for relaxation with just a touch.

For bedrooms with a quirky look, or those looking for a statement piece, this lamp is for you. Its striking design is ideal for showcasing on your bedside table and is sure to complement beds with lighter wax finishes or warm up darker tones like teak or walnut.


3. Pairing Accessories With Your Bed

The little details make all the difference when it comes to harmonising bedroom accessories with your bed. If your bed is understated and unfussy, choosing simple neutral toned accessories to place on a chest of drawers is a beautiful choice. We absolutely love this two tone bowl, in a calming hue of cream and aubergine, perfect for holding bits and bobs, like jewellery, in your bedroom.

If you love earthy tones, this cute little green vase looks lovely on a shelf. Whether as an accent piece or grouped with other vases, such as this taller green one, for a subtle and retro-inspired look.

Another great idea is to add a statement piece to a refined space, bringing a touch of drama to your bedroom. Whether your style is eye-catching or refined, you can dial up the drama with this white sculptural vase to add a little contrast to your surface. For those who prefer a contemporary style, this modern matte and ribbed vase is perfect for achieving a monochromatic look or as a sleek accent in neutral settings.


From cosy soft furnishings to snuggle into as you unwind, to stylish table lamps that bring a welcome ambience after the busiest of days, find the best accessories to harmonise with your bed and your bedroom’s style in our collection. Including home accessories, soft furnishings, and table lamps to transform your bedroom into a relaxing haven.

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