Meet Sophie, Our Interior Stylist

Sophie our interior stylist

Sophie O'Mahoney, Interior Stylist

Sophie is our in-house interior fashion expert, writing our on-trend blogs and curates our ethical accessory collections.

About Sophie

As our resident interior stylist and marketing director, she's been with Funky Chunky Furniture for five years and we can't help but feel proud of what she’s accomplished since then. 

Sophie is a lover of timeless interior design made for real life. She's in charge of sourcing our accessories; ensuring that they're all a timeless, investment piece for your home. With sustainabilty being close to her heart, she assesses each and every suppiler for their ethical accreditations.

To Sophie, rustic design represents a natural, rough, aged, and casual style. You’ll see in her blog content and photoshoots, her style evokes a sense of modern timelessness, featuring traditional furniture designs built from scratch - much like we do here! Most of our rustic homeware comes straight from the earth and has a naturally organic nature, very fitting into our handmade product lines.

Outside of work her hobbies include driving her husband mad with paint swatches all over the walls in the house, walking the dog in the beautiful north east, up the Northumberland coastline or in the ancient woodland in Durham. She’s an advocate for preserving the earth and creating a greener future, working hard on incorporating more sustainable actions throughout her lifestyle!

Take a look at some of Sophie’s articles on our site below for some beautiful, rustic and sustainable inspiration!

Take a look at some of Sophie's articles: