Update Your Bedroom For Less

Update Your Bedroom For Less

How To...Update Your Bedroom For Less

If you're looking for ways to revamp your bedroom, but you don't want the hassle or the expense of completely redecorating it, our interior stylists have some suggestions for you. 

Redesigning a bedroom can be time-consuming. Choosing colours, getting paint samples, combining fabrics. It's also incredibly expensive when you consider new furniture, flooring, curtains or blinds, as well as bedding. 

But there are some quick and easy ways you can update your bedroom without it costing you a fortune, or spending your free time painting and decorating. 

Funky Chunky Furniture's interior stylists have put together their top picks from our Accessories collection - pieces that will help you freshen up your look, and have your bedroom looking its best in no time. 

Neutral Soft Furnishings

Soft Furnishings

Adding texture and fabrics to your bedroom softens the look. It's also a quick way to introduce new colours to the room without having to paint the walls, or add wallpaper. Pick a colour that'll complement your existing colour scheme, then add scatter cushions and a throw to the bed, or even on an armchair in the corner. Play with colour and textures. For example, choose a striped cushion and a patterned cushion to add to the bed, or choose brightly coloured or heavily patterned throws to create an accent and a feature in the room. 


Lighting options for bedrooms


Lighting is so important in a bedroom. You want a combination of light sources so you can create different moods throughout the day. Brighter light, such as from a pendant, for getting ready and applying makeup. Then in the evening, you want to relax and unwind with calmer lighting, a bedside lamp for reading a book, or even candlelight for a romantic ambience. Simply by updating your bedside lamps you can create a different look and feel in your room. Or add candles to a mantelpiece or tabletop for flickering, romantic light. 


bed side tables


Bedside Tables

Updating a few key pieces of furniture transforms a room and needn't cost the earth. Bedside tables are an easy way to update your bedroom. Choose a style that's different from what you've got at the moment, and immediately the room will feel fresh and different. If your bedroom is on the smaller side it's worth considering a floating bedside table, which fixes to the wall. By not having another piece of furniture standing on the floor you create the illusion of space, while still having somewhere to keep the essentials. Or, if you like a bedside table with a bit more storage, choose one with drawers or shelves so you can keep that book, your phone, the TV remote, magazines and more close at hand. 


trinkets and accessories for bedrooms


Then it's the finishing touches. Those little bits and bobs that add some of your personality to your room. Change a few pieces in your bedroom and it'll instantly feel different. Whether that's borrowing accessories from another room in your home, or buying a few key pieces, they'll add something new and different to your bedroom and make it feel refreshed. Perfect trinkets and accessories for bedrooms are wall-art, particularly hearts, or stars to hang on the wall. Or candle holders and tea lights to cast flickering shadows around the room. Choose bowl shaped vases to fill with flowers or a pillar candle, or even shelves to add diffusers and small plants. 

Invest In Furniture 

Of course, sometimes you do just want a completely new look. And that's where choosing the right furniture is so important. Our collection of bedroom furniture is all handmade in our workshop, comes in a choice of five wax finishes so you can find the shade that's right for you, and is backed by our 25-Year Guarantee. Plus, for a limited time we're offering discounts on our bedroom collection - buy 3 or more pieces and you'll automatically receive a discount at checkout (discount correct as of September 2022). 

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