How To Style A Hall Table

How To Style A Hall Table

A hall table sounds like a good idea, afterall, it’s extra storage space in perhaps the busiest space in your home. But, how do you make it functional and stylish at the same time. How do you style a hall table?


Most hallways are one of the smallest spaces in the home, but they’re a hard-working room. It’s a high traffic area, and often a dumping ground and yet, somehow it needs to be welcoming and clear from clutter to look its best.


This is where a carefully selected hall table comes to the rescue. These narrower tables don’t eat into the floor space, provide the opportunity for great storage, as well as a place to inject some style and personality to what is essentially a corridor.


How you choose to style your hall table will depend on what you need this piece of furniture to actually do in your home. Is it purely for storage, a space to add accessories and design, or ideally, a bit of both.


So here’s four ideas from our stylists on how to use a hall table, what to use to style it, and how it can add a sense of style and purpose to your hallway.

a solid wood hall table with three drawers styled against a pale pink wall with pictures

Coleridge Console Table

Create a focal point

Quite often we overlook our hallways. They’re quite difficult spaces to style, so more often than not, they get a lick of paint, some pictures on the walls, if they’re lucky and, that’s it. But, by using a hall table you have the opportunity to create a space that adds some personality to your hallway. Choose a piece of furniture that you love, then style on and around it. Use the length of the hall table to create your focal point, that’s your focus for the hallway. Add artwork on the walls directly above it to draw the eye to that area of the hall.   Accessorise with pieces in similar colours and tones. You don’t have to buy brand new, take a look around your home to find things that work together. For example, candles, vases, books, ornaments and photo frames. If you choose a hall table with drawers you don’t need to worry about leaving space on the table top, as things such as keys, gloves, wallets and hats can all be put away.

a small hall table with gold metal legs styled with small accessories against a white wall

Ouseburn Hall Table

Keep it clear from clutter

If you have a very small hall choose an extra narrow hall table that doesn’t eat into your space too much. Then style with a light touch, adding just a few key pieces to your hall table so it looks good, but doesn’t take over the space. For smaller halls we’d recommend just a few key pieces for the table, keeping it clear from clutter. We always recommend you put a lamp on your hall table. It’s a great way to change the lighting in the space, and if you have it on a timer can be add an extra welcoming touch if it’s set to come on just before you come home on darker evenings.

industrial style hall console table with black metal legs. There's storage underneath for shoes and boots and a cushion and vase on top. It's next to two dark metal doors and a black metal window overlooking a garden

Armstrong Low Hall Table

Tidy away footwear

One thing all hallways have in common is shoes. Whether it’s a one-person household or a family home, there are shoes, unless you’re very tidy and put them away every time you come home. And even then, we don’t believe you! So, a hall table with shoe storage is a great way to stop you tripping over those wayward trainers, or willing that welly to just do one. Give your family a place to put their shoes. Of course, we can’t guarantee they’ll put them under the hall table each and every time they come through the door, but at least the storage is there for a quick tidy up before guests come round. Keep the styling simple on the top of this hall table, afterall you want a space for them to sit and take their shoes off! For extra storage why not add a basket to one side of the hall table for gloves and hats to be put into too

wooden console table with hidden storage drawer and space underneath for storage. Styled with green accessories.

Wansbeck Console Table

Add a mix of storage and style to the max

A hallway table that gives you both shoe storage and drawers is the perfect combination. It’s the ultimate storage solution, and you can make it work hard and look beautiful at the same time. A hidden storage drawer that’s just deep enough for keys and wallets takes care of that clutter that we carry in our hands as we come through the door. A low shelf is an ideal spot for shoes and boots, or a storage basket for gloves and hats. All that extra storage frees up the table top to really be styled to the max. If you’re lucky enough to have a large window in your hall, bring the outside in and match the colours of the foliage and plants outside with the colours you style your hall table with. Add a beautiful big statement lamp, we’ve already mentioned this as a lighting option. Then, once you’ve chosen your lamp add accessories that work with that. Maybe it’s a vase in a similar colour, filled with seasonal flowers. A diffuser or candle to fill the hallway with fresh and inviting fragrances.

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