Cleaning With A Spring In Your Step

Cleaning With A Spring In Your Step

As we start seeing lighter and brighter days in the new year, with the annual splash of golden daffodils after a cold winter, and all our favourite signs of Spring, it is the perfect time to plan some cleaning to renew our living space. Why not give your home a really good scrub and declutter? These are our top tips to clean your home this Spring and to feel refreshed.

How To Declutter Your Home

One of the best ways to get ready for the new year is to declutter your home. Putting away everything lying around in your space is guaranteed to make sure your home is your sanctuary. 

Our top tip for decluttering your home is to create storage space by choosing some new wooden shelves for areas of your home where the furniture doesn’t fit. This could be under the stairs or on some free wall space, or you could even use shelves to maximise your storage space in an alcove, to create a stylish feature wall in your home. Fill your shelves with things that need putting away, alongside decorative plants, vases, or frames to create the perfect place to add a little something extra to your home decor, whilst also decluttering your space this Spring.

Another great idea for decluttering your home is choosing a storage box that you love, to organise your home and belongings. One of our favourite storage solutions is our blanket boxes, such as the Derwent Chunky Wooden Blanket Box. This wooden storage box is the perfect new addition to your living room or bedroom, which will give you a great amount of additional storage space, so you can put some more things away. Not only are our handcrafted wooden storage boxes super stylish, but they’re also made from sustainably sourced timber. So, you can maximise your storage space at home, with peace of mind that you’ve chosen an ethical storage box from our collection at Funky Chunky Furniture.



Other furniture that we love for more storage space to declutter your home includes some of our favourite styles of sideboards. Sideboards are really handy pieces of furniture as they have plenty of storage for tableware and drinks in dining rooms, or to tidy away your cushions, throws, books and magazines in the living room. One of our favourites is the Derwent Solid Wood Sideboard in its charming farmhouse style, fitting perfectly in a cosy home amongst the rest of the wooden furniture in our Derwent Collection. This sideboard’s three drawers, one being extra deep, and a cupboard too, is a simply stunning addition to your home, and it is stunningly useful too! Add another stylish statement piece to your living room by choosing a new coffee table with lots of storage space. At Funky Chunky Furniture, we love the Wansbeck Square Coffee Table, for the perfect rustic solid wood coffee table with hidden storage. You can use this coffee table’s drawer to store magazines, remote controls, notebooks, tablets and kindles, and anything else that usually clutters up the living room. The pared-back design of the rustic Wansbeck showcases the natural features of the wood, while the hidden storage area is great for tidying up and storing essentials. To complete the look, why not pair it with the matching rustic wood Wansbeck TV Stand, Console Table, and Side Table to maximise your storage space even more.

How To Care For And Clean Your Wooden Furniture And Shelves

As we move into Spring and the days start to get sunnier, the bright light might just show up those forgotten smudges and stains of everyday life. If this is the case, don’t worry, as you can still get the most out of your solid wood furniture and shelves. Whether there has been a quick spill on your wooden furniture or you can see some marks that may not feel as easy to clean, there is a straightforward process to making sure that you care for your special, handmade furniture.



When it comes to the maintenance of your waxed wooden furniture, care can be made easy with one of our wax care packs. Watch our video on how to restore your wood wax to its distinctive finish, and maintain your wooden furniture and its natural and unique markings and appearance.



The maintenance of waxed wooden furniture is easy with our wax care kits, here at Funky Chunky Furniture. Start your spring cleaning and get yours, to restore your waxed, handcrafted wooden furniture to its authentic look. We recommend using your wax care kit every few months, to maintain your furniture and to keep your sanctuary at home clean and tidy.

Refreshing your home with our top tips for spring cleaning is guaranteed to make you feel relaxed and calm in your living space this year. So, go ahead and spring clean with a spring in your step.

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