Warm Neutrals

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We love warm neutrals, and there’s more to this colour scheme than just beige. It’s calming, warm, and offers a great deal of variety. Consider a soft, pink-toned neutral palette that makes every corner of your home feel welcoming.


About Warm Neutrals

Warm neutrals like stone, cream, beige, off-white, and warm white, look beautiful in natural light, turning your home into a haven of calm. When we say they're versatile, it’s true. These shades easily adapt to whatever you pair them with, always maintaining a serene and inviting mood. They're the ideal backdrop for your home, especially if you're drawn to natural themes. If your space is filled with greenery, bathed in plenty of natural light, and you have a passion for beautiful, raw wood, then warm neutrals are definitely for you.


Pairing Raw Materials

This trend pairs perfectly with raw materials. So, if you're lucky enough to have exposed stone or brick in your home, whether it's within a natural focal point like an alcove or a fireplace, or featured on walls or archways - warm neutrals will complement its rugged beauty. Consider framing a special nook with one of our handmade solid wood mantel beams to give your cosy fireplace the spotlight it deserves.


Dreamy Bedrooms with Warm Neutrals

Warm neutrals are a natural choice for your bedroom, with soothing tones that create a serene atmosphere for sweet dreams. Our solid wood bed frames look beautiful draped in warm neutrals. The Coleridge Bed Frame is one of our most popular options, truly where dreams (and dreamy interiors) begin. When it comes to soft furnishings, why not go for a classic wool throw to effortlessly bring warm neutrals into your bedroom? Or, add this beautiful neutral cushion for an extra layer of texture and interest to your bed setup.


Kitchens You Can't Get Enough Of

Warm neutrals in the kitchen? Chef’s kiss. The wood in your kitchen, from the hue of your chopping boards to the grain of your kitchen diner's dining table, can influence which warm neutral best suits your home. We offer a range of wax finishes for our kitchen furniture, including handmade floating shelves, perfect for a sleek storage solution, as well as sideboards and wine racks. All are available in lighter finishes to complement warm neutrals, or to soften the boldness of darker hues, to create a gorgeous contrast.

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Warm Neutrals in the Dining Room

Whether you're all about rustic charm or minimalist chic, dining room furniture paired with warm neutrals will craft your dream aesthetic for dining. Our Gosforth Long Dining Table, with its modern lines and minimalist beauty, elevates everyday living. Perfect when paired with our Gosforth Benches, its long design has lots of space around the table. If you love the unique beauty and character of solid wood, you'll find our dining room furniture is handmade, making no two pieces alike. One of our most loved options when it comes to dining room furniture, is our Chopwell Range. It brings real charm to every home - designed with a rustic appearance and handmade with unique raw wood.


Hallway Harmony with Warm Neutrals

What's more welcoming than a tranquil hallway? Warm neutrals are perfect for creating a serene entrance to your home. Combine this palette with practical yet stylish furniture, like our solid wood console tables, to avoid clutter and maintain neatness. These versatile pieces, crafted by our skilled team, add essential storage and keep your space uncluttered, complementing the calm atmosphere of this interior trend. Choose from rustic, refined, hairpin, or minimalist designs. Our beautiful, functional console tables prevent that 'just dropped' look as everyone walks through the door, transforming your hallway into a haven of calm.


From creating a cosy living room to crafting the welcoming ambience of your hallway, warm neutrals are all about calm spaces. Harmonising beautifully with our handcrafted, solid wood furniture, shelves, and mantels, warm neutrals complement earthy tones and raw materials like natural wood. This palette's versatility suits a variety of design aesthetics perfectly. Whether through a statement piece or a subtle nod to nature, choosing warm neutrals for your home is sure to be a stunning interior design decision.

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