Top 3 Inspirational Living Room Design Ideas

There is an image of a modern and stylish living room. The living room has a gray and white color scheme, with a gray couch, a wooden coffee table, and a wooden TV stand. There are also plants and decorative items in the room.
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You don’t have to be an interior stylist to create the living room of your dreams! These inspirational living room ideas are ideal for someone moving into a new home or thinking about renovating their living space.
Knowing what living room style you want to recreate is the first step in the design process, helping you form a cohesive space that blends both style and function.
While the possibilities are endless for your new living room, we have narrowed down some of our favourite design styles to help you gather inspiration for your next project!

Our Top 3 Inspirational Living Room Design Ideas And Styles

The living room is the most important to get right. It’s a space to gather with family, rest, and unwind. Your living space should reflect your personal tastes and preferences while still being functional.
Here are our top 3 living room design styles for you to consider for your home:

1. Scandi- Farmhouse 

There is an image of a cozy living room. The living room has a wooden floor and a large window that lets in a lot of natural light. There is a yellow armchair, a wooden coffee table, and a sofa with a checkered pattern throw on top. The walls of the living room are painted in light blue and there is a wallpaper or mural on one of the walls with a nature theme.

The Scandi-Farmhouse style is an emerging trend this season, playing into the minimalist appeal of Scandi design while harbouring the rustic charm of farmhouse-style furniture. 
This style is perfect for those who prefer a lighter, neutral-toned space and a more contemporary approach to the classic rustic look. 
You can achieve the Scandi- Farmhouse style by accessorising with neutral decor, with a darker-toned accent piece to really refine the look. Wooden furniture is also a must-have, bringing a warm rustic appeal to the home. 
Our Sandyford Living Range is the ideal choice for this style, harnessing a minimalist design while offering those gorgeous natural textures! 

2. Industrial 

The webpage shows an image of a living room with an industrial design. The living room has a rustic brick wall on the right side and a concrete wall on the left. There is a large green plant with many leaves in the left corner. In front of the concrete wall, there is a dark green couch with various pillows. In front of the couch, there is a wooden coffee table with a vase and some books on it. To the right, there is a wooden TV stand with a flat-screen TV and some decorative items. The room has a high ceiling and a modern, yet rustic feel.

Industrial is another popular design style for living rooms. This look has an emphasis on darker tones, rough wooden textures, exposed brick, and open spaces. If you prefer a darker, moodier vibe in your living room, this design style is undoubtedly for you! 
Industrial styles rely on incorporating building materials into the space and making them the primary focal point. It offers a rustic, unfinished look that creates a unique charm and casual atmosphere. 
Our Armstrong range is all about embracing these industrial characteristics, with black metal legs and bases that support chunky solid wood pieces of furniture and shelves. If you want to create a true industrial-style space, the Armstrong Living Room range will certainly help you create the right look. 

3. Rustic

The living room has a light blue sofa with cushions, a wooden coffee table, a wooden cabinet, and a chair. There are large windows with curtains and some potted plants on the windowsills.

The rustic design style is quite a broad category and can include many variations such as coastal, modern, cottage, and chic. However, they are all grounded by the same principle of bringing the outdoors in with natural elements. 
Rustic interiors are often natural, aged, rough, and casual. They create a warm, comforting atmosphere by highlighting the use of stone, wood and other natural elements. Textures also play a large part in creating the perfect rustic space.
For example, coarse wooden furniture, stone walls, and exposed beams will all help to create a rustic atmosphere. At Funky Chunky Furniture, rustic is what we do best. 
Choose from a wide selection of solid wood coffee tables, side tables, and TV stands to incorporate the rustic design style into your living room. Accentuate the space with knitted throws, mantel beams, and warm lighting to complete the look! 

Discover Innovative Living Room Design

From dark industrial tones to airy Scandinavian styles, find everything you need for your living room at Funky Chunky Furniture. We have the perfect selection of living room furniture and accessories for every design style, helping you piece together your dream space. 
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