3 Simple Steps To Refresh Your Living Room Decor

3 Simple Steps To Refresh Your Living Room Decor
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As the seasons start to change from Summer to Autumn we naturally bring our attention to inside the home. Getting back into that weekly routine and spending more time indoors can give us that push to finally get around to all those home update ideas that have been put on hold during the holidays.
If you’re looking for ways to redecorate your living room but don’t know where to start, try following our simple guide! We’ll look at various ways you can give your space a refresh and get your home ready for the upcoming season.

Revamp Vs. Redo- Should You Use Existing Living Room Decor Or Start From Scratch?

A dilemma you might face when giving your living space a refresh is whether to use your existing collection of home decor or start from scratch and buy new accessories for a completely different look.
The answer largely depends on the sort of budget you are working with. If your budget allows for you to renew your home decor then it can certainly help to give your space a fresh feel and appearance.
There is nothing wrong with wanting out with the old and in with the new, but do keep in mind your environmental impact and recycle old pieces where you can. Donating to charity is a great solution if you want to avoid your old items ending up in a landfill.
Another option is to revamp your current decor to give them a new lease of life inside the home. Simply giving the living room a reshuffle can satisfy the itch for an entire home makeover and help you utilise items you might have forgotten about.

Refreshing Your Living Room In 3 Simple Steps

Whether you are buying new or revamping what you have, we have some fantastic ideas to help you give your space an instant refresh!

1. Revamping Your Existing Living Room Decor

If you are opting to utilise what you already have, there are a few things you can do to give your lounge area a new look. The first step is establishing exactly what you have. Try taking down your current decor and accessories and laying them down on a flat surface.
Remove anything that no longer resonates with you or that you feel no longer has a place in the room and let the rearranging begin! Take it a step further by rearranging the layout of your furniture, helping you see your living space from a completely different perspective.

2. Invest In New Statement Pieces

Investing in some new accessories is an exciting and effective way of sprucing up your living room, but there are a few things to keep in mind before you buy. Choosing your decor carefully can help you avoid switching them out or throwing them away in a couple of months.
The first thing to think about is the overall colour scheme of your space and accessorise with this in mind. If you find yourself switching up the colour scheme of your room often then neutral decor might be the best option.
Investing more in a singular statement piece for your space can also help you instantly elevate a room. For example, a solid wood coffee table in your living room would act as a natural centrepiece, drawing the eye and making the space feel complete.

3. Declutter Your Space

The final step to a fresh-feeling home is getting rid of any clutter you have lying around. Handy storage solutions are key here, helping you hide away any everyday necessities that you don’t necessarily want on display.
At Funky Chunky Furniture, we have plenty of durable yet visually captivating sideboards or sturdy shelves to organise everyday clutter. For example, our Armstrong Sideboard is perfect for tucking away any mess while keeping your items easily accessible.

Where Can You Find Stylish Living Room Decor Online?

Looking for the perfect finishing touches to buy online? We have a stunning range of home accessories that are sure to match any home style. From lighting to elegant soft furnishings, we have everything you need to refresh your living space in time for the new season!

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