The Ultimate Bed Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Bed

The Ultimate Bed Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Bed
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Your bed is one of the most essential pieces of furniture to get right. After all, a good day rides on the quality of sleep you’ve had the night before. If you are struggling to choose which bed to buy, we have the ultimate buying guide to help you choose the best bed for you.

Why Is Choosing The Right Bed So Important?

 An image of a cosy bedroom. The bedroom has a large bed with a wooden frame in the centre, and it's adorned with white and beige bedding. There's a large rug under the bed that extends outwards. The room has a window on the right with long curtains, and through the window, you can see trees and daylight. There's a nightstand with a lamp and a vase with flowers on the left side of the bed. The walls are light0cloured with a paneled design. Above the bed, there is a round mirror hanging on the wall.

A good night’s sleep is often key to increased happiness and better health. Choosing the right bed can go a long way in ensuring that you are well-rested and ready to tackle each day as it comes. 
While everyone’s needs are different, there are some important points to consider before purchasing.  

Top 5 Things To Consider When Buying A New Bed

Look through our list of key things to consider before buying your new bed to make a well-informed decision!

1. Size Of The Bed

An image of a cosy bedroom with a wooden bed in the centre. The bed has a blue blanket on it and two pillows. There are wooden nightstands on either side of the bed with lamps and decorative items. The room has a wooden floor and there are plants in the room, giving it a fresh and natural feel.

Size is often the first thing people think about when buying a new bed. Bed frames can come in various sizes, from single all the way through to super king.
The size bed you need will depend on a few factors, including how much space you want during the night, and the size limits of your bedroom. Make sure to measure your space accurately before making a purchase, to ensure that your chosen bed will comfortably fit.

2. Style Of The Bed

An image of a cosy bedroom. The bedroom has a rustic and warm feel with wooden elements. The bed is the focal point, with a wooden bed frame and white bedding. There's a grey patterned throw blanket on the bed. Above the bed, there is a round mirror with a wooden frame. The room has a slanted ceiling with wooden beams.

Beds come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. Narrowing down the style of bed you want can help you decide which bed to buy. For example, if you lack storage in your home, buying a bed with drawers or hidden storage could be a useful solution. 
The style of your interior can also influence your decision. Perhaps a bed that falls into a more minimal aesthetic better suits your decor? Loft-style bedroom furniture is a rising trend for Autumn 2023 and is perfect for attics or rooms with limited space.

3. Quality Of The Bed

An image of a rustic bedroom. The bed is made of dark wood and has white bedding with a green patterned throw blanket. There are two wooden nightstands on either side of the bed wit small lamps. The wall behind the bed has a distressed texture, giving it an aged look. There is also an arched window to the left of the bed. The floor appears to be made of concrete.

Quality is another factor to consider carefully when thinking about your next bed. Not only can quality beds ensure better sleep, but they will also last longer, offering you better value for money. 
High-quality beds can lean on the more expensive side, but the investment pays off in the long run, as you will receive a comfortable, durable bed you can enjoy for years to come!

4. The Mattress 

An image of a bedroom with a modern bed. The bed has a wooden frame and a white mattress. The bedroom has a carpeted floor, a large window with curtains, and a circular mirror on the wall.

Your bed and mattress go hand-in-hand when getting a good night’s rest. To match your quality bed frame, you need a good mattress. Mattresses come in various firmness levels, and the one that gives you the best sleep is largely down to personal preference.
At Funky Chunky Furniture, we offer a range of SleepSoul mattresses to go alongside our handcrafted bed frames. SleepSoul mattresses use innovative design and high-quality materials to give you the best night’s sleep. 
Our collection also includes the Which? Best Buy mattress, the SleepSoul Space, is a medium/firm mattress that offers optimal support and stability as you drift off to sleep.

5. The Price

The bedroom has a bed with a wooden frame, a gray blanket, and some orange pillows. There is a plant on the left side of the bed and a wooden nightstand with a lamp on it. On the right side, there is a small fireplace. Above the bed, there is a wall decoration that looks like a deer's head with antlers.

Finally, your last consideration should be the price. Understanding what budget you’re working with can help you narrow down your list of choices and make the best decision. Investing a little more in a bed you love is always a good idea, as it is like an investment in your general well-being and quality of life. 

Bedroom Trends For Autumn 2023: Loft-Style Furniture

The bedroom has a rustic and cozy feel with wooden walls and ceiling. There is a bed with white bedding and a brown blanket. Next to the bed, there is a small wooden nightstand with a plant on it. The room has a sloped ceiling with a skylight window. There is also a rug on the wooden floor

One additional factor to think about is the latest bedroom trends for 2023! Loft-style furniture is becoming increasingly popular, highlighting the beauty of a more minimal design. Loft-style bedroom furniture is typically low-level, offering more space and practicality. 
We have a gorgeous range of loft-style bedroom furniture, from modular storage to stunning low-level bed frames. Shop the collection and stay on-trend this autumn while also finding gorgeous high-quality bed frames that guarantee a good night’s rest! 
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