How To Get A Perfect Night's Sleep?

How To Get A Perfect Night's Sleep?

Lack of sleep can leave us feeling tired, drained and unmotivated and it is estimated that almost 1 in 5 of us have difficulty with falling asleep at night. So, what is the secret to a good nights sleep? A gorgeous bed will definitely help! But how do you choose a bed that's right for you? Read on to find out more...



With so many different styles, we understand that picking your favourite bed frame can be a difficult decision. So, to ensure you don't have any further sleepless nights trying to decide, we have compiled together our top picks so you can find the bed of your dreams in no time.

What's Your Bedroom Like?

Minimalist or Loft Style Bedroom?

Pandon Bed Frame from £585

Do you love a less-is-more style bedroom? Or maybe your bedroom is in the loft, and you need a lower level bed.

Our Pandon Bed Frame is a low-level bed with plenty of style. Perfect if you love a minimalistic rustic look and ideal for use in converted lofts, low ceiling rooms or a loft-style bedroom.

Image Credit: inside_leasgill (Insta)

Baltic Bed Frame from £750

Our Baltic Bed Frame has a quirky design that creates the illusion that the bed is floating, perfect for smaller spaces and if you love modern, loft-style design.

Image Credit: littleleekterrace (Insta)

Refined Rustic?

Coleridge Bed Frame with Footboard from £590

If you are looking for a rustic style with a little bit more refinement, take a look at our Coleridge Bed Frame. It’s one of our most popular designs, now available with a matching footboard too. Great for making a stunning centrepiece in your bedroom that will last for many years to come.

Image Credit: ShelleySparklesatHome (Insta)

Rustic Country Farmhouse?

Derwent Bed Frame with Footboard from £670

Create a cosy and homely feeling with our Derwent Bed Frame with Footboard, ideal for homes with a country farmhouse style. It is a real statement piece of furniture, complete with a striking, chunky slatted headboard and footboard.

Image Credit: Emily Stevens

So whether you're a fan of minimalist, industrial, refined rustic or farmhouse furniture, we have a bed that you will love. And even better, they can take centre stage in your bedroom in just 6 weeks!

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