The Best Home Storage Solutions for Every Room

Wall-mounted coat racks and hidden storage in coffee table

If you love finding ways to keep your home organised, new home storage solutions could be just what you need to banish the clutter. From your living room, to your home office, each room can have its own unique storage challenges - but there are some great options! Read on to find our expert styling tips about the best home storage solutions for every room.


1. Living Room Storage Solutions

Your living room is where you relax most days, so it can sometimes attract clutter, especially if you spend a lot of time in that area of your home.


Our Heddon Coffee Table has a storage area within the coffee table, perfect for living room essentials.


If you're looking for great living room storage solutions that will help maintain a tidy and inviting space, one of our top tips for maximising storage is to choose multifunctional furniture. Pick out pieces like a stylish coffee table that has hidden storage or built-in shelves or drawers. This makes sure there's somewhere on hand to place down a cuppa while you unwind and to put away anything lying around to create an even more peaceful atmosphere. Our Wansbeck Console Table is another great option when it comes to hidden storage, ideal for living rooms, and hallways alike, its beautifully simple yet rustic design features a handy secret drawer for any bits and bobs that need a new home. 


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Adding floating shelves in your living room also creates beautiful display options for books, home accessories, or even media equipment, without taking up valuable floor space! They're the perfect touch for an empty wall, and they look wonderful in a nook or alcove too, making them a great way to accessorise awkward spaces.


2. Kitchen & Dining Room Storage Solutions 

In the kitchen and dining room, efficient storage solutions will make mealtimes even easier, whether you're cooking up a storm or plating up your culinary creations.


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Maintain order in your space with shelves above a countertop, creating a home for cookery books, utensils, and chopping boards - making sure those kitchen essentials are never too far away. You can utilise vertical storage even more by choosing wall-mounted wine racks for your dining area or even adding hooks or pegboards for pots, pans, and utensils to your kitchen or pantry! 


The Langley Oak Sideboard has plenty of storage space for all your essentials and not-so essentials.


Don't forget a spacious sideboard if you have the room; they are heroes in dining areas, creating a stylish and functional place for all soft furnishings and providing a base for off-duty tableware between meals. Our Wansbeck Collection offers a great selection of beautiful handmade furniture, with many hidden storage options ideal for quick and easy decluttering. The Wansbeck Dining Table comes with a handy secret drawer, perfect for family life, offering convenient hidden storage to quickly clear the table before meals.


3. Bedroom Storage Solutions

Adding new storage to your bedroom helps to create a serene and clutter-free space that is all-important for a wonderful night's sleep.


Our Derwent Bed Frame with Footboard fits our under bed wooden storage boxes perfectly! 


If you have empty space under your bed, this can transform into a handy new storage solution. Invest in under bed storage boxes and make the most of it! They fit perfectly under our Coleridge and Derwent beds of all sizes, if you're looking for the perfect pair for stunning and simple, yet effective bedroom storage solutions.


4. Hallway Storage Solutions

Your hallway serves as the first impression of your home - a transitional space that connects different areas. 


The Pandon Console Table with Drawers is perfect for smaller hallways with plenty of storage!


To maintain a clutter-free welcome and avoid that 'just dropped' look, here are our top tips for versatile hallway furniture: first, consider console tables or benches with built-in storage compartments for shoes, bags, and other accessories. Whether you're styling a cosy nook in need of a small console table or a spacious area perfect for a statement piece, you'll create a designated spot for anything that needs to be set down upon entering the house.


Hallway coat hooks are a practical and stylish space-saving storage!


Another one of our favourite home storage solutions for your hallway is wall-mounted coat racks or hooks, providing convenient storage for outerwear and bags while maximising floor space. Place them near the door to keep coats, jackets, and accessories off the floor or on the sides.


5. Home Office Storage Solutions

Whether you work from home or need a dedicated space for managing household tasks or personal projects, keeping an organised home office encourages productivity and focus!


Image by livingwith_sienna


Choose solid wood shelves for your wall or a quirky statement bookcase - here's the perfect one for even the smallest of spaces. They're ideal for storing books and notepads, office supplies, and decorative items out the way, or on an empty wall. If you're looking for the ideal desk with easy-to-access storage to keep things neat, this simple, rustic desk design has a handy hidden drawer for everything important within arm's reach. Alternatively, choose this wonderful statement piece: a handmade solid wood desk perfect for industrial spaces with a creative twist. Its handy, compact storage space sets it apart as a functionally stylish office feature.


Tidy away paperwork and keep your desk space organised with this A4 Wooden Desk Tray!


Don't forget to add desk organisers, storage baskets, and small waste paper bins to keep things neat while you work. You might choose a small and stylish box to keep your stationary in one place, or a handy memo board to keep track of important notes and reminders, along with some happy memories and pictures to make you smile!


Despite each room having its own unique challenges, there are some great options when it comes to picking out the best storage solutions. Maximising space and incorporating versatility into your home will create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere by waving goodbye to clutter. 

Start browsing modular storage options, solid wood shelves, and more, at Funky Chunky Furniture, and transform your living space into an organised haven of comfort and style.

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