King or Super King Bed? A Bed Size Guide

King or Super King Bed? A Bed Size Guide
Are you in search of a king size bed to transform your bedroom into a home-haven? At Funky Chunky Furniture, we offer a stunning choice of king and super king size beds designed for a perfect night's sleep, every night. Our bed frames all come with a 25 year guarantee, with unmatched quality and skilled craftsmanship. Find the perfect fit for your bedroom below, where we run through the differences in sizing and features for our range of king size bed frames.

King & Super King Size Bed Options

Most people consider bedroom space and sleeping habits when deciding on bed size. King beds offer ample space for couples, while super king beds provide extra room for luxurious comfort.  Our top factors to consider on bedroom space when deciding whether to buy a king or super king size bed:
1. Choosing the right width bed
King & Super King beds are the largests standard size beds in the UK. A Super King is 30cm wider than a King, but both sizes are the same lenth (200cm). These sizes are ideal for fitting a couple - and almost an essential if you’re a parent & often have a little one joining you in the middle!
2. Factoring in height of your bed frame
You may want to consider the height of your bed when shopping for a new bed frame. For bedrooms with low ceilings, like a loft room, our Pandon and Stepney Bed Frames are great options.
3. Ensuring the frame is suitable for your bedroom
Unlike divan beds, bed frames are both longer and wider than the mattress size. A King ‘s width for our Sandhaven bed, our slimmest frame, is 162cm, allowing for 6cm on either side of your mattress.

King Size Bed Dimensions

Pandon Low Level Bed in King Size

Pandon Bed: Modern sophistication with our low-level Pandon Bed, boasting dimensions of 168cm wide x 216 cm long x 67cm high. Its sleek design adds a touch of elegance to any bedroom space; perfect for a loft-style bedroom.
Baltic Bed: For a floating style, opt for our floating Baltic Bed, measuring 173 cm wide x 215 cm long x 90cm high. Its minimalist design creates an illusion of space, perfect for contemporary interiors.
coleridge king size bed without footboard
Coleridge Bed: Classic, luxurious comfort comes with our Coleridge Bed, available both with and without a footboard. The standard Coleridge bed measures 168 cm wide x 221 cm long x 107 cm high, while the added footboard Coleridge offers extra length for added grandeur.
Sandyford Bed: Sophistication and style with our sleek Sandyford Bed frame, featuring dimensions of 163cm wide x 227 cm long x 108 cm high. Its timeless design effortlessly complements any bedroom decor.

Super King Bed Dimensions

Pandon Bed: Upsize with our Pandon Bed Frame in a super king size, offering generous dimensions of 198 cm wide x 216 cm long x 67 cm high. Enjoy ample space to stretch out and relax in luxurious comfort.
Baltic floating style king bed
Baltic Bed Frame: The super king size variant of our Baltic Bed, measures 203 cm wide x 215 cm long x 90 cm high. Its floating design creates a sense of spaciousness, perfect for bedrooms that benefit from the illusion of more space.
Coleridge Bed Frame: Indulge in supreme luxury with our super king size Coleridge Bed, boasting dimensions of 198 cm wide x 221 cm long x 107 cm high. Experience unparalleled comfort and style in your bedroom retreat.
Sandyford slatted king bed
Sandyford Bed: Embrace opulence with our Sandyford Bed frame in a super king size, featuring dimensions of 192 cm wide x 228 cm long x 108 cm high. Its sleek silhouette and premium craftsmanship make it the perfect centrepiece for your bedroom oasis.

King Size Bed with Drawers

Enhance both style and functionality with our Amble Bed Frame, a solid wood masterpiece that creates an illusion of space with its high wooden headboard and striking design.
Featuring three under bed drawers that span the full width of the base, the Amble Bed offers ample storage space without compromising on aesthetics. Additionally, you can elevate your bedroom set-up by adding floating bedside tables, which seamlessly attach to fixing points on the back of the headboard. These stylish bedside tables feature handy drawers for convenient storage and complete the look of your bedroom ensemble.

Bed and Mattress Deal

Complete your bedroom upgrade with our mattress deal! Available with both our King and Super King bed sizes, save 15% when you purchase a bed frame along with a mattress from our mattress collection. Choose from a range of top-quality mattresses, including the SleepSoul Space, Bliss, Harmony, Cloud, and Paradise mattresses, each designed to provide unparalleled comfort and support for a restful night's sleep. From the ultra-comfy SleepSoul Bliss mattress to the innovative SleepSoul Paradise mattress with a cooling gel layer, there's a perfect match for every sleep preference. To take advantage of the mattress deal, add your choice of mattress at the same time as adding your bed frame to your basket.


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