How to Banish the Clutter in a Busy Living Room

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Our living rooms are our cosy space, where we relax and enjoy our downtime. The time spent in this space often sees some clutter appear, from clothes to books. And, with little ones, their belongings are sure to be dotted around too! If you haven’t had a good clear out in a while, you might need to banish the clutter from your living room. Here's our guide to giving your home a refresh - and how decluttering can make you feel serene even in the busiest of homes.

Start With Decluttering

Start by picking out spots in your living room. Maybe your coffee table has accumulated some clutter or a corner of items collecting dust. Round up anything lying around, and you can start by deciding what’s staying, what’s heading to a new home via donation, or what can be recycled.


Getting Organised

After you’ve decided what stays and what goes, it's time to start organising what's left. Here’s our top tip: do it with a bit of intention. Choose new homes for your things that make sense - whether it’s making sure your favourite books are within arm’s reach for a cosy night in, or arranging trinkets and treasures beautifully on your shelf for a lovely home feature, organising is your next step towards a living room that’s not just tidy, but truly tranquil and welcoming.

One of our favourite storage solutions, whether under a coffee table or TV stand, are these woven baskets. They’re perfect for adding wires, remotes, soft furnishings, and anything else that is lying around. If you’re looking for a smaller storage solution - how about these handy wire baskets to collect any bits and bobs that need a new home in one place? They work well for tidying up any unruly shelving!


Consider Your Layout

You may notice that clutter seems to gather on the coffee table, or around the TV stand. If your current furniture doesn’t have a lot of storage space, how about considering your layout to see where more spacious alternatives would work wonders for banishing clutter?

A stylish choice for a coffee table with some really useful storage space is our Heddon Coffee Table. Its low and rustic design makes it a beautiful home addition, and it provides some handy hidden storage - perfect for creating a space with a tidy and clutter-free feel, and a convenient spot for tidying up quickly before guests come round! Another wonderful choice for a coffee table that is sure to banish clutter, is the very spacious Derwent Coffee Table. Its deep drawers are ideal for lots of storage and with a handy shelf too, it has plenty of space for DVDs, magazines, children's toys, dog toys, remote controls, you name it.

If you’re looking for a TV stand that provides a little more storage space where you need it most, this Ouseburn TV Stand with Storage is a beautiful contemporary choice, with plenty of storage and a quirky design - it’s sure to be a creative addition to your living room decor, whilst banishing clutter with ease. Our collection of beautiful solid wood living room furniture comes in a variety of different styles, sizes, and wax finishes, so you’re sure to find the perfect piece for your living room - with as much or as little storage space as you’d like.

Maximising Vertical Space

Making use of vertical space is one of our top tips for banishing clutter in your living room. You can add more storage space to your home without taking up any floor space. They’re also the perfect place for treasures and trinkets - adding your living room’s aesthetic, with beautiful options to style your shelving, from ambient candles and fragrances, to picture frames.

If you love to read, a bookcase is a great way to store your favourite books. You could even create a reading nook by adding some cosy soft furnishings to a comfy seating area beside your new bookcase. Not only a great way to clear up any books lying around, adding a bookcase to your living room adds a charming feature to your home. Our Ouseburn Bookshelf offers discrete pockets of storage space and its unique angles allow it to double as a piece of art. Choose from our collection of handmade bookshelves, from larger bookcases that offer ample open storage on deep wood shelves, to wall-mounted solutions where space is premium.


Think About Seasonal Items

Whether you love to have a collection of soft furnishings on rotation, or seasonal throws and blankets you like to swap out during the warmer months, our collection of handmade solid wood sideboards are ideal for keeping your seating area neat without compromising on style. Choose a style with lots of storage space, like our Derwent Sideboard, a really handy piece of furniture with plenty of storage to tidy away cushions and throws. It also has lots of space for books and magazines and DVDs in the living room.


By banishing clutter in your living room, you can create a space that feels peaceful and harmonious - even in the busiest of times. Make the most of multifunctional storage solutions, doubling your everyday furniture items as handy space to store anything that needs a new home - or maximising your vertical space with shelving, to create more storage to maintain a clutter-free living room.

Our solid wood living room furniture is durable and hard-wearing, with beautiful pieces, designed for the hustle and bustle of everyday living.

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