A Guide to Being Sustainable at Home in 2024

Ouseburn Low Coffee Table, Derwent Bed Frame, and Coleridge Dining Table

Make your home a greener place by showing a little love to the earth! Here at Funky Chunky Furniture, sustainability has been a focus of ours since the beginning of our journey. Choosing ethically sourced and sustainably made materials is a wonderful way to consider your impact on the environment. Let's take a look at the small and intentional steps you can take to be sustainable at home in 2024.


About Being Sustainable at Home

Our team is all in on sustainability, and we know you are too. Because let's face it, taking care of our planet isn't just a trend - it's a responsibility we owe to future generations.

Doing our bit for the environment can be as simple as making small changes to our everyday lives. Take a look around your home. Are there ways you can boost your energy efficiency? Maybe it's time to swap out old appliances for newer, more energy-efficient models. And those outdated light bulbs? Switch them for LEDs - they'll brighten up your space while dimming your carbon footprint.


Large White Metal Compost Bucket

Small and intentional steps to a more sustainable home don't stop there. Why not start composting? We love this white metal compost bucket - it's an essential for the environmentally conscious kitchen. Home composting is easy to do, and it's a great way to be greener at home - lending a hand to diverting compostable waste from landfill. It's also wonderful for your garden, giving your plants some extra tasty nutrients!

Don't forget to reduce, reuse, and recycle too! Before you throw away any empty jars or paper and plastic bags, think about giving them a second life. From repurposing containers, to handy ways to carry bits and bobs, every little bit counts.


Purchasing with Sustainability in Mind

When it comes to what enters your home, keep sustainability front and centre where you can. Being kind to the earth is a key part of our ethos here at Funky Chunky Furniture. That's why all of our raw materials are responsibly sourced. So, when you're looking for your new home addition, whether it's a handmade coffee table, solid wood dining table, or beautiful bed frame, our furniture collections are committed to sustainability - and they all come with a 25 Year Guarantee. Invest in quality furniture once, and you'll enjoy it for years to come.

By choosing durable furniture, that withstands daily wear and tear, you help to make your home a greener place and do your bit to combat mass consumption.


Ouseburn Low Coffee Table

1. The Ouseburn Low Coffee Table

If you're looking for a sustainably made coffee table, the Ouseburn Low Coffee Table is a beautiful choice for homes that lean towards creative, minimalistic décor.

Hairpin-leg coffee tables are great for smaller spaces, as the hairpin legs create the illusion of space. We love this coffee table and, like all of our Ouseburn furniture, both the solid wood top and hairpin legs come in your choice of colour, so you can coordinate it with your living room's colour scheme.

Just like all of our furniture and shelves, the Ouseburn Low Coffee Table is handcrafted and made to order in our workshop in the North East of England. A perfect choice for stylish, and environmentally conscious, living room furniture. Complete the look with our Ouseburn Collection.


Coleridge Dining Table

2. The Coleridge Dining Table

The Coleridge Dining Table is a hard-working, yet beautifully rustic dining table that will become the central hub of your home for years to come. It's a stunning statement piece for your dining room.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Funky Chunky Furniture, and when it comes to the Coleridge Dining Table; it's crafted with sustainably sourced wood. Our dining tables are made from top-quality, unsorted, kiln-dried pine, ensuring durability and longevity. We embrace the natural imperfections of wood, they're Mother Nature's seal of approval, stamped with rustic charm.

This dining table is a perfect choice for a greener home this year. Find your sustainably made dining table in our collection of solid wood dining room furniture.


Derwent Solid Wood Bed Frame

3. The Derwent Solid Wood Bed Frame

One of our most popular solid wood beds, the Derwent Solid Wood Bed, with its striking chunky slatted headboard, now comes with a matching footboard too. A country-style bed that showcases all the natural beauty of our solid wood, bringing a cosy Farmhouse charm to your bedroom.

Just like our other collections, such as the Amble and Chopwell, the Derwent Bed boasts a chunky, rustic design that's brimming with character. You can expect to find natural imperfections like splits, cracks, knots, shakes, waney edges, and more - adding to the bed's rustic look. No two beds are alike, making each one truly unique and one of a kind for your home.

Keep sustainability in mind for your home in 2024 with our range of beautiful bedroom furniture, made from sustainably sourced wood.


Mantel Beam above fireplace on stone washed wall

Our Solid Wood Shelves and Mantel Beams

Our collection of beautiful handmade Wooden Shelves and Mantels are made to order using sustainably sourced timber, making your purchase an environmentally friendly choice!

We're specialists in wooden shelving and offer a range of options whether you're looking for wooden floating shelves, bracketed shelves, or mantel beams. Each piece in our Wooden Shelves and Mantels collection is handmade using only the finest quality rustic and solid timbers, ensuring durability and environmental responsibility.

Our mantel beams are a beautiful addition to any home, creating a stunning focal point whether on a wall, above a fireplace or an alcove. If you're looking for ample space for storage or to display ornaments, picture frames, and other trinkets, find the perfect shelves for you in our floating shelves or bracketed shelves collections.

We're FSC® Certified 

Handcrafting solid wood furniture and shelves every day we are only too aware of the responsibility we have, and the potential environmental impact if our timbers are not sustainably sourced.

Funky Chunky Furniture has been independently certified to the FSC® Standards (FSC-C177532).

Globally recognised as the highest standard of responsible forestry, FSC certification demonstrates our commitment to sustainability. 

Choosing Sustainable Accessories

Ethically sourced home accessories are the perfect finishing touches for an environmentally conscious home. From our Ethical Choices collection, you can choose from accessories that are made from sustainably sourced or renewable materials, to those purchased as part of Fair Trade agreements to ensure producers receive fair prices. 

Duck Egg Blue Wool Throw


Whether it's ethical soft furnishings to make your living room feel cosy, or home fragrances that blend delightful smells and conscious choices. Find home accessories that are good for the planet.

As we move towards being more sustainable at home in 2024, it's important to remember every small action we take contributes to the larger picture of environmental responsibility. From energy-efficient upgrades to embracing composting, there are endless opportunities to make a positive impact. Purchase sustainably this year to show the earth a little love - only by working together can we make a difference.

Find your ethically sourced and sustainably made handmade solid wood furniture at Funky Chunky Furniture. Our collection of Wooden Shelves and Mantels are sustainably sourced and handmade with care in 3-5 days. Looking for those perfect finishing touches? Take a look at our ethical accessories.

Read more about our Sustainability and Ethics.   

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