2024 Living Room Trends: Refresh Your Living Space

Sandyford Scandi Living Room

A home refresh is a great way of elevating your home décor, especially if you've been considering transforming your space - think about rearranging your living room, choosing beautiful home additions, and adding stylish finishing touches. Take a look at 2024's living room trends, the perfect inspiration for refreshing your home this year.


1. Earth Tones

Earth toned living room image by homeofhayls

Calming colours, natural wood, and serene house plants create this beautiful earth-toned living room. Image by homeofhayls


In 2024, this interior design trend is embracing a warmer, earth-toned colour palette, marking a departure from the cooler tones of previous years. This shift means darker, richer earth colours, with clay and terracotta tones leading the way to creating inviting and serene living spaces.

This trend is a beautiful choice for your living room, welcoming a range of colours, from mossy greens and muted yellows, to deep oranges, browns, and beiges, complemented by the calming presence of houseplants, it is really versatile. A pop of green is a lovely way to create a relaxing living room by adding more serene natural tones - choose beautiful earthy accessories, such as this green and gold pot, to finish the look.

Incorporating calming earth tones into your home can be as simple as picking out soft furnishings in colours you love. To complement your new interior décor, pair colours rooted in nature with wooden accents in your favourite shade. Our handmade solid wood furniture, shelves, and mantel collections are available in a variety of wax finishes. So, you'll find the perfect finish of unique natural wood to suit your earth-toned living room.


2. Farmhouse Aesthetic 

A Farmhouse style living room image by _all.ingoodtime

A neutral colour scheme pairs beautifully with wooden accents and natural features. Image by _all.ingoodtime


A classic interior trend that is perfect for creating a homely atmosphere - the Farmhouse aesthetic feels cosy and snug, complementing traditional and modern décor.

This design trend creates classic country and rustic rural aesthetics. Farmhouse style in 2024 continues to celebrate the beauty of natural materials, emphasising elements such as exposed stone, wooden and flagstone floors, and classic furniture. If you love a simplistic look, leaning towards pastels and neutrals that pair perfectly with a rustic style, this interior trend is ideal for your living room.

The muted colour palette of a Farmhouse aesthetic, in creams, beiges, and greys, offers a beautiful backdrop that highlights wood and stone's texture and character, making them stand out. For example, a natural focal point like a fireplace or an alcove would complement a rustic solid wood mantel beam perfectly. Adding the warmth of natural wood into your space and some depth to an empty wall!

The perfect furniture for a living room with a Farmhouse aesthetic has a preference for classic, quality pieces -  whether a beautifully handmade wooden coffee table or a rustic style solid wood sideboard. For a cosy touch, choose accessories such as a super soft classic wool throw, or stoneware pottery in a muted tone.


3. Multipurpose Spaces

A reading nook image by Jo

An ideal reading nook and stylish wall feature, this quirky bookshelf has plenty of book storage. Image by Jo


Multipurpose spaces are a huge interior trend right now, and for good reason. Combining functionality with comfort is the perfect way to create a beautiful space for everyday living. Why not create a serene corner in your home dedicated to relaxation? Perfect for activities like meditation or yoga. Choose the right spot, whether it's a quiet area of your living room that gets natural light - ideal for practising mindfulness in the morning, or being near a window - so you can add a sense of calm and some nature to your wellbeing corner.

Keep this space clutter-free and tranquil by using simple storage solutions, such as handy wooden shelves - a beautiful feature for your living room, perfect for special treasures and trinkets. Tidy up any unruly shelving with functional and stylish storage baskets; storing essentials close at hand, whilst keeping your space neat.

Personalise your wellbeing corner to make it truly yours, you could add your favourite piece of art, a soft and cosy throw, or even a collection of books that you love. For avid readers - this space could become a charming reading nook - relax and snuggle up with a great book for the perfect place of serenity. Our collection of solid wood bookcases offers stylish storage for every home. Transforming part of your living room into a peaceful haven when it's time to catch up with your latest read.


4. Quiet Luxury 

A grey table lamp and candles on a surface image by sharonshomestyle

A timeless table lamp in a muted tone is the perfect addition to add sophistication and cosy lighting to your living room. Image by sharonshomestyle


The 2024 living room trend of Quiet Luxury is perfect for those who appreciate an understated yet sophisticated style. This trend leans towards a palette of muted tones, including whites, browns, greys, and blacks, to create spaces that feel serene and refined. Soft furnishings and accessories in these colours can instantly refresh your living room with a subtle sophistication. 

Browse our collection of Quiet Luxury accessories, for timeless finishing touches that are effortlessly calm and cosy. We love this neutral textured bobble cushion for a luxe living room addition - texture is a great way to add interest to a space without overwhelming it! Soft and diffused lighting works well to create a serene Quiet Luxury living room too, adding a sense of calm and luxury. Pick our elegant lamps, or candles that add to the mood and ambience.

Timeless wood brings warmth and texture to Quiet Luxury décor, with its natural beauty -  no longer hidden behind paint, as this trend embraces high quality rather than glitz and glamour. Unfussy and understated furniture is the perfect choice for a Quiet Luxury style living room. The Sandyford Square Coffee Table has sleek, clean lines, a modern design and a chic style - it combines function and quality to be a sophisticated addition to your living space.


Find the perfect home additions to refresh your living space this year, from handmade wooden furniture, designed for everyday living, to solid wood shelves and mantels - a wonderful choice to create stunning new features in your home, and even to add more handy storage space. Stylish home accessories are a beautiful way to incorporate these 2024 living room trends into your home, whether you pick out cosy soft furnishings or ornaments that suit your chosen interior style.

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