2023 Interior Trends: Creating Your Home Haven

2023 Interior Trends: Creating Your Home Haven
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Viewing the home as a soothing safe haven where we can escape the busy world outdoors has become a popular mindset. 

Calming aesthetics and tranquil surroundings are key to achieving a peaceful atmosphere around your home. Continue reading our simple guide to discover how you can create your very own relaxing home haven!

Transform Your Home Into A Home Haven This Winter 

Your home should feel like your sanctuary. A space that helps you relax after a long day. Your furniture and decor play a large part in accomplishing this atmosphere, so it is important to know what to look out for. 

Here are just a few ways you can transform your home: 

Keep It Light And Minimal

An image of a cozy living room with a wooden coffee table in the center, a fireplace, and a comfortable couch. The living room has a modern design with a wooden floor and a large rug. There is also a window and a door.

Light and minimal decor is a popular style choice for its calming qualities. Keeping your home uncluttered and airy allows you to become more productive and helps you foster feelings of positivity. Decorating with neutral colours and gentle tones will create a calming effect and this sense of home haven. 

Fill your living room with soft furnishings like cream cushions or throws, add scented candles with delicate fragrances, and create a cosy ambiance with the soft glow of a desk lamp. At Funky Chunky Furniture, we have a selection of carefully curated accessories that will help you style any room into your personal sanctuary!

Choose Natural Materials And Textures

The main focus of the image is a wooden coffee table with a rustic finish. The coffee table is rectangular and has a lower shelf. On top of the coffee table, there are a few decorative items including a small stack of books, a bowl, two tall wooden figurines, and a glass container with reed diffusers. In the background, there is a glimpse of a beige armchair and a wooden sideboard or dresser. There is also a cushion with a geometric pattern on a piece of furniture next to the coffee table.

Keeping nature close even when inside the home is an effective way of creating a more soothing atmosphere. Nature instantly makes us feel a sense of wellness and serenity, encouraging positive feelings that make us more at ease. 

Investing in wooden furniture is an excellent way of achieving this, effortlessly incorporating natural textures into the home. For example, the rustic appearance of a handmade, solid coffee table can add a lot of character to your decor and bring the calming effects of nature into the home where you can feel most at peace. 

Create A Dedicated Space

The picture shows an image of a cozy workspace. The workspace has a rustic feel with a brick wall in the background. There is a wooden desk against the brick wall with black metal legs. On the desk, there is a small black lamp and some decorative items. Leaning against the brick wall, there are a few picture frames. There is also a modern chair with a white and grey patterned upholstery in front of the desk. The floor has a checkered pattern.

Sometimes it can be difficult to unwind even in our own homes. Rather than aiming to transform your whole house into an idyllic sanctuary (which might be an impossible task for those with large families!), try dedicating a small area of your home specifically to self-care and wellness. 

This might be a small reading nook in the corner of your living room or bedroom where you can retreat to for some peace and quiet. Or perhaps a home office that is set up to facilitate activities that you find relaxing. Decorate these spaces with pieces that make you happy and create your very own slice of home haven. 

Explore The Home Haven Trend

Looking to decorate your sanctuary with the perfect pieces? We have a gorgeous selection of high-quality accessories that will transform your space into a cosy paradise.

From cushions and throws that you can nestle under and hide away from the cold, to lamps and candles to help you create that soothing warm atmosphere, you can find everything you need at Funky Chunky Furniture!

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