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Amid life’s busyness, making time for tranquil moments is essential for our well-being. Many people are dedicating an area of their home to creating a cosy haven for the perfect place of wellness that’s never far out of reach, away from the outside noise, to focus on mindfulness and a lovely place to unwind.

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Creating a Wellness Corner

When it comes to creating a wellness space, choose somewhere in your home that feels calm and cosy. Maybe it’s that sunny corner by the window or a snug spot to the side of a room. This is going to be your go-to spot for unwinding and recharging, so it’s a good idea to choose somewhere that makes you feel relaxed.

Shelving serves as the perfect canvas for creating a sense of calm within your home. Opting for natural wood shelving, such as our solid wood floating shelves, is the perfect storage solution for keeping your wellness corner uncluttered. Whether you’re keeping your wellness essentials at arm's reach, or creating a calming aesthetic, with scented candles and potted plants. You could add these useful white storage baskets to keep shelves neat too, keeping clutter at bay and creating a sense of spaciousness that promotes relaxation and peace of mind.

Creating a reading nook within your home is a wonderful idea for those seeking a quiet retreat to delve into their latest read. Imagine a cosy corner, bathed in natural light near a window and your beloved books within arm’s reach in a bookcase, whether a larger style with plenty of open storage on deep wooden shelves, or a wall-mounted option that doubles as art!

Calm and Cosy Accessories

Candles are perfect for creating a tranquil ambience. Tealights in these glass tealight holders are ideal for creating a soft, flickering glow that invites you to unwind and let go of any stresses. Gather a collection of lanterns in the corner of your space for a calm and cosy accessory that adds a feeling of zen.

Soft furnishings in neutral and earthy tones add another layer of comfort and cosiness. Sinking into cushions and soft throws will create a soothing atmosphere, perfect to nestle under and style your home haven. Choose the perfect neutral wool and throw in a lovely neutral beige to invite calm colours into your space. We also love this knitted pom pom cushion, another beautiful neutral option. It will add texture and interest to your décor, or a calming lighter colour to a darker colour palette.

You can incorporate serene neutrals with other home accessories too, such as this hand-woven seagrass pouffe, or this table lamp with a linen shade and wooden base. Wood, and other natural materials like stone, such as this beautiful granite door stop, fit perfectly into a home that prioritises wellness, bringing the serenity of nature into your space.


Embracing Natural Features

Embracing nature in your wellness space is key to relaxation and peace. Whether it's by positioning your cosy nook near a window or in a sunlit alcove to soak up the sunlight and enjoy a refreshing breeze, or by adding natural elements through your interior design choices, you're sure to feel ready to unwind and feel at ease.

Incorporating greenery into your space not only adds a touch of natural beauty but also helps to purify the air and reduce stress levels! Place woven plant pots on surfaces, windowsills, or shelves, and refreshing plants in stone hanging pots to add a beautiful natural feel to your space. Or, you could arrange tall palm stems in a sculptured vase, creating a focal point for your space with its soft curvy shape in a lovely neutral colour to suit your décor.


Whether you're unwinding at the end of the day or kickstarting your morning with moments of mindfulness, creating a tranquil corner in your home lets you prioritise self-care, and the wellness within. From creating the perfect corner for reading with our collection of handmade solid wood bookcases to handy storage solutions, like beautiful shelving options, in your wellness space for keeping clutter at bay. Find the perfect pieces to create your peaceful place of relaxation.

Shop Our Wellness Within Collection.

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