Modern Scandi

Salters Oak Living Space and Console Table

Embracing the Modern Scandi aesthetic in your home means pairing simplicity with warmth. Known for its minimalism and functionality, this style creates spaces that feel both stylish and lived-in.


About Modern Scandi Style

Creating a serene and comfortable backdrop for your home, Modern Scandi design features understated aesthetics with a laid-back, welcoming atmosphere. Adding warmth with a neutral colour palette, a harmonious mix of textures, and lots of calming natural elements and materials.


Modern Scandi Style Furniture

Scandi-inspired furniture embraces the beauty of natural timbers, combining functionality with effortless style. Our Sandyford Collection, with its smooth finishes and light, airy design, brings an understated chic to any room, making it stylish without being imposing. Similarly, our Salters Oak range combines Scandi style with mid-century lines and proportions, made from sustainably sourced timber.


Creating Zones for Living

Modern Scandi interiors often feature open, flowing layouts. Define different areas within a room with features such as a reading nook or dining space - using rugs, lighting, or furniture placement to create different harmonious zones. This not only adds functionality but also brings a cosy feel to open spaces. Versatile furniture works well in Scandi-inspired spaces, such as our Salters Oak Console Table. This piece can be used throughout your home, such as in your hallway, or behind a sofa in an open-plan living space, helping to divide the space and providing handy storage space too!



Texture and Natural Materials

With the bright and airy feel of Modern Scandi homes, adding depth and interest with texture is the perfect way to make a minimalist aesthetic feel cosy. By adding a mix of natural materials, like raw wood, and soft furnishings, such as comfy wool throws, and this lovely grey pom pom cushion in a cosy knitted design, our collection of solid wood furniture handmade in a Scandi style, is perfect for adding warmth and comfort to your space with natural materials.


Harmonising Light and Space

Natural light is key to Scandi-inspired homes, bringing a sense of spaciousness to interiors. Our top tip for enhancing natural light is to place mirrors where they will reflect light throughout the room. For those less sunny spots, pick lighting that’s got that soft, just-like-daylight feel, to keep things bright. We absolutely love this beautiful grey Scandi-style table lamp, when it comes to adding a calm, soothing ambience to your living space. It looks great on a sideboard or console table, or in your bedroom, on a chic bedside table.

Another way Modern Scandi interiors maximise space is with a warm neutral colour palette of stone, cream, beige, off-white, and warm white. These hues create a serene backdrop, and they make your space feel larger and more open.



Accessorising a Modern Scandi-Style Home

Finishing touches in a Modern Scandi space are all about sleek, functional accessories. Like these understated little grey candle holders, perfect for holding elegant tapered candles, and just as happy to hide away in a drawer when it's lights out. Accessories made from natural materials are essential when it comes to Scandi style. Our set of woven grey baskets, made from sustainable materials, create a handy storage solution, whether under a TV stand for remotes, games and magazines, or individually around the house. Another great choice is this rattan tray, ideal for holding minimalist decor on your sideboard or as part of a coffee table centrepiece.


This interior style is all about embracing simplicity, light, and natural beauty, so it's a great choice if your home is open-plan, or you're looking for ways to maximise space. Our collection of Scandi-style, handmade solid wood furniture is ideal for creating a cosy home with this aesthetic.

By picking out calming lighting, making the most of natural light, and cosying up the space with some beautiful, minimalist finishing touches, from soft furnishings that add texture and interest to understated accessories in neutral colours and made from natural materials, you can effortlessly create a Modern Scandi style home.

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