How to Use One of Our Wax Care Packs

Wax Care Pack

All of our furniture and shelves are finished with a wood wax polish which not only makes timber look good, but is also very durable. However, we understand that it’s easy for furniture to get knocked or damaged in normal day-to-day use. So, we have our Wax Care Packs to help fix any problems.

The good thing about waxed wood furniture is that it’s easy to repair any damage - and repairs take no time at all! 

We’ve put together an easy step-by-step guide to using our Wax Care Packs, to ensure you can repair your wooden furniture quickly and easily.


What Is Included In Our Wax Care Packs?

In our Wax Care Packs, you’ll find everything you need to make repairs on your wooden furniture with ease. It’ll include a small tin of wax, a piece of sandpaper and a cloth for application, and instructions for use.

Top Tip - Make sure you choose the right colour wax for your piece of furniture! You’ll find all wax colour variations available to choose from when you view the Wax Care Pack.


Step-By-Step Guide: How to Use Our Wax Care Packs

Drying wooden surface with cloth

Step 1. Make sure the area that you are repairing is clean and dry using the wax application cloth.


Adding wax to wooden surface

Step 2. If you’re repairing a small scratch, you’ll need a little bit of wax. Apply this to the surface of your wooden furniture or shelf, and leave it to soak into the damaged area for 10-15 minutes.


Wooden surface

Step 3. Once the wax is dry, give the area a good rub with a dry cloth to remove any streaks and any excess wax.

At this step, you can decide if you need to apply more wax and repeat the process.


Rubbing wooden area with sandpaper

For bigger damage, you’ll need to give the area a quick rub of sandpaper and then use the wax to cover up the bare timber, and buff this away with a dry cloth. To maintain your wooden furniture and shelves, we recommend using your Wax Care Pack every few months to keep your furniture looking brand new.

Shop Wax Care Packs, and repair small scratches or larger damage to your wooden furniture in no time at all!

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