Top Tips for Refreshing Your Outdoor Dining Space

Top Tips for Refreshing Your Outdoor Dining Space

The warmer months are the perfect time to revamp your outdoor dining area. You can elevate your outdoor dining experience by creating an inviting and stylish space, regardless of whether you're planning an intimate family dinner or a garden party with friends.

Here are our top tips to create a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor dining area.

1. Upgrade Your Outdoor Dining Table

A stylish dining table is the focal point of any outdoor dining space. Consider investing in a new table that complements your outdoor decor and will create a spot to enjoy a quick bite to eat, like our metal bistro set, in a sleek grey colour, vibrant blue or calming cream. These metal bistro sets are perfect for adding seating to smaller courtyards or a balcony or adding more seating areas around your garden to make the most of the sun throughout the day. Add a touch of comfort with cushion pads perfect for leisurely meals!


2. Create a Charming Picnic Space

Why not host a picnic that your little ones will love as much as you will? Cushions and blankets provide a cosy setting for leisurely meals or afternoon tea get-togethers. For a delightful and laid-back dining experience outdoors, choose a spot in the sun or a cooler shady part of your garden to transform into a charming picnic area. Layer soft furnishings to create a relaxing space to eat and enjoy a bit of sunshine. To enhance the picnic atmosphere, incorporate stylish and practical tableware and accessories. Organise your cutlery in a rustic seagrass cutlery caddy, use glass carriers to safely transport glasses to your picnic spot, and serve water in elegant carafes. These additions not only add functionality but also contribute to a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, perfect for leisurely meals or afternoon tea with loved ones.

3. Illuminate Your Dining Area

Spend longer enjoying Summer nights in your outdoor space with carefully placed lighting. Set the mood for your evening meals with lanterns on the table, string lights, and solar-powered stake lights around your outdoor area. They not only create a magical vibe but also provide light for when you're hanging out after dark. Add to your table layout by picking pretty candle holders that complement your tableware. Place candles in your dining area in beautiful tea light holders or an ethical wicker candle holder to add to the summer night feel.

4. Choose Practical and Stylish Tableware

Elevate your outdoor dining experience with the perfect tableware for al fresco settings. Start with natural napkins and coasters, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal. Use wooden serving plates for freshly cut fruit, bringing a rustic charm to your table. Handcrafted terracotta plates add a warm, earthy tone to your evening spread. Ceramic tumblers are perfect for keeping drinks cool, while stainless steel cutlery in a charming cutlery caddy adds a touch of sophistication and practicality to your outdoor dining experience. Each piece is thoughtfully chosen to enhance both the look and feel of your outdoor gatherings.



5. Adding Your Personal Touch

Transforming your outdoor dining space with a well-chosen aesthetic allows you to create an environment that makes it even more enjoyable and elevates your outdoor experience. For lovers of bold and vibrant prints, look to accessories that add a pop of colour to your garden, like soft furnishings such as cushions and throws.

For those who appreciate a country-style charm, consider adding elements like metal lanterns and plant pots and troughs filled with fresh flowers. Metal lanterns add a rustic, nostalgic touch and create a cosy feel when lit in the evening. Plant pots filled with fresh flowers add bursts of colour and a sense of freshness, enhancing the overall welcoming and homey feel of your country-style outdoor dining area. Whether you are designing a cosy nook for morning coffee or a spacious dining area for special occasions, adding these aesthetic finishing touches makes every moment outdoors more memorable.

Whether you're enjoying a quiet moment alone or hosting a lively gathering, your outdoor dining space can be a haven of comfort! By following these top tips, you can transform your outdoor dining space into a stylish and inviting retreat, from decorating your outdoor dining table with stylish tableware to incorporating soft furnishings and creating your own personal picnic area.

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