Top Tips For Effortless Bank Holiday Hosting

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If you're having friends and family over this bank holiday, getting everything ready for the get-together can feel busy sometimes. But don't worry! We have some great tips to make hosting effortless. That way, you can enjoy a relaxed meal with your loved ones.

Here are our top tips for effortless bank holiday hosting:

Perfecting Your Dining Area

When it comes to dining tables, adding a dining bench to your dining area can make all the difference when you’re hosting. They’re handy for fitting more guests around the table, and they can be pushed underneath the dining table when not in use to maximise floor space. Our collection of handmade wooden benches and stools are perfect for all interior aesthetics, whether you love country-style charm, or a dining bench that fits perfectly into industrial, minimalist or Scandi-style homes. For an even more space-saving alternative to usual dining chairs, this solid oak stool is ideal for extra seating around your home.

Each of our solid wood dining table sets come in different lengths of tables, and benches, as well as a choice of wax finishes. If you want seating that perfectly matches your dining table, then our collection of dining table sets is what you're looking for. Or, each bench or stool is sold individually, so you can choose to mix and match, or go for a dining table with one bench and chairs on the other side!

If you’ll be enjoying a tipple over the bank holiday, one of our favourite hacks for effortless bank holiday dining is adding a wine rack to your dining area. You’ll be able to keep your favourite wines on hand whilst you dine, and there’s no need to leave the room for a top up. Keep your wine fresh with this beautiful poplar leaf bottle stop!

Laying Your Table

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One of the best ways to create a memorable dining experience is laying your dining table beautifully. There are some wonderful ways to elevate everyday dining, making your meals at home even more stylish. Adding this natural stripe table runner is the perfect base to style your table layout, and at 2.5m long, it’s sure to work with the longest of tables, and to accommodate your guests! Pair with this set of neutral stripe napkins to complete the look.

Adding beautiful tableware, such as this matching pair of salt and pepper shakers or a glass carafe, can effortlessly elevate dining at home too. And, they’ll make sure everything you need is on the tabletop, bringing ease to dining and encouraging you to sit back and enjoy. Don’t forget to add a centrepiece such as a stylish vase, or planters to create a lovely arrangement of greenery, to add a touch of nature to your space, and to create a focal point when your dining table isn’t in use.

Beautiful Kitchenware

If you’re planning to make sure your bar is well-stocked this bank holiday, adding some fabulous glassware is perfect for the occasion. From this sophisticated green glass decanter, which holds a litre of your favourite tipple, to these elegant cocktail glasses, ideal for holding your favourite cocktail. Your guests will be well-equipped to toast to the good times!

Another top tip for tailoring your kitchenware to make sure your bank holiday hosting is effortless, is picking out beautiful chopping boards. They’re a kitchen essential that doubles up as an elevated serving platter - not only presenting food beautifully, but saving on washing up! We love this wooden chopping board, hand carved from sustainable mango wood, with an etched edge, it's functional for food preparation in the kitchen, and beautiful enough for serving food.

Stylish Finishing Touches

Lighting can transform the ambience of at-home dining. If your dining room gets a good amount of natural light, let it shine through the windows or patio doors with light and airy curtains. Another great option for adding more light to your space is choosing a beautiful lamp for a side table, or some pretty tea lights to create a welcoming glow on your tabletop.

Adding comfy throws and blankets to your dining area not only adds a cosy touch to your decor, but are perfect for taking the chill off a summer’s evening, if you’re enjoying the fresh air through an open window or door, so you can dine into the evening.

From perfecting your dining area, and maximising space around the table for guests, to elevating your at home dining with beautiful tableware and kitchenware, you can create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere perfect for effortless bank holiday dining. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your time spent with friends and family over the long weekend.

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