Top Tips for a Clean Start This Spring

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As longer days welcome sunlight into our rooms, it's the perfect moment to freshen up your space. Let’s brush away the last traces of winter and embrace a clean start this spring. From decluttering to deep cleaning, transform your home into a calm retreat, ready for the upcoming seasons. Here are our top tips to make this spring clean the most refreshing yet!


1. How to Declutter Busy Rooms

Whether it's your living room or dining room, we all have that place in our home where life tends to gather - and so does the clutter. From outerwear that never quite makes it to the wardrobe, to accessories, wires, and those familiar bits and bobs - magazines, envelopes, and books, it all starts to pile up. And if you're navigating life with little ones, the collection of toys and post-school arts and crafts can quickly transform your space from chic to cluttered.

The key to keeping your busiest rooms clear and welcoming? Smart, stylish storage solutions. When it comes to living and dining room furniture, our collection of solid wood console tables fits perfectly into this category. They’re versatile handmade furniture pieces that are designed to add charm and handy storage to your living area. For example, the Derwent Console Table - a traditional farmhouse-style piece crafted from solid wood, featuring deep storage drawers for all those items you need out of sight but within reach. Or, the Coleridge Three Drawer Console Table, handmade from sustainably sourced solid pine. Finished in our signature rustic style, it's available in five wax colour finishes and delivered fully assembled for your convenience. A beautiful piece that not only elevates the aesthetics of your space but also brings an abundance of storage to your living area, making clutter a thing of the past!

Decluttering isn’t just about tidying up - it’s about elevating your space and transforming it into a haven of calm, ready for whatever life throws your way.


2. Clearing Clutter Room by Room

When it comes to spring cleaning, tackling each room individually can make the task less daunting and more effective. Let’s dive into some smart storage solutions that can help clear the clutter from your bedroom, kitchen, and hallway, turning every nook and cranny into an opportunity for order and style.


Bedroom Bliss

If you’re starting with your bedroom, under-bed storage boxes and blanket boxes are more than just practical; they’re perfect solutions for stowing away seasonal clothing, extra bedding, or any other items you want out of sight but close at hand. These storage solutions not only maximise space but also contribute to the calm, serene atmosphere every bedroom deserves. As the weather starts to warm up, they become ideal for stashing away outerwear or winter accessories for later in the year. Plus, they'll free up even more space in your wardrobe or drawers so you can declutter any other items lying around.

When it comes to surfaces in your bedroom, our top tip is less is more! Your bedroom should feel serene, as it's where you unwind at the end of each day. Try to keep your bedside table calm and uncluttered, with just a few bedtime essentials within reach. If you need a little more space to achieve this look, our collection of handmade solid wood bedside tables offers just what you need. Our Derwent Bedside, especially spacious and in a wonderfully rustic style, features the perfect duo of storage space - a drawer and a shelf - providing ample room for a lamp and your morning cup of tea. The large shelf space is perfect for hiding away clutter, ensuring your bedroom remains a tranquil retreat.


Kitchen Chic

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A great way to declutter your kitchen is to introduce shelving: it can transform cluttered countertops into organised elegance. Giving everything a home - whether it’s spices, dishes, or your collection of cookbooks - means you’re never far from what you need, yet your surfaces remain clear and inviting. Floating shelves create a sleek look, perfect for pantry items or chic food storage such as elegant glass jars of pasta and rice. Bracketed shelves are also a wonderful option, with our collection of handmade wooden shelves and brackets, they can be styled to suit any aesthetic, from industrial, minimalist, or rustic.

Another useful tip for decluttering is to store tableware, soft furnishings, or even board games in a spacious sideboard. If your sideboard features a stylish shelf, consider adding a storage basket to maintain tidiness, whether on the shelf or beside your sideboard. We love this set of three baskets; handwoven from sustainable materials, they’re not only one of our most popular storage solutions but also a fantastic choice for keeping things tidy while showing the earth a little love.


Hallway Harmony

When spring cleaning, don't overlook your hallway - it's the first impression of your home. Coat hooks are the unsung heroes of smaller spaces, providing a simple solution to keep coats, scarves, and bags organised and accessible. Suitable for spacious hallways or cosy nooks alike, coat hooks help maintain a clutter-free space while adding style.

Choosing the right finishing touches is the perfect opportunity to create a stylish welcome to your home. The small details, like a statement doormat or an eye-catching sculptural vase on a solid wood console table, complete the look and welcome guests with warmth.

Adding shelves with storage baskets can address unruly areas, creating a neat place for keys or mail. A pro tip? Use a storage basket under a console table for a tidy and stylish spot. We love this two-tone bowl for adding a little bit of intrigue to your home. Use it on a surface in the hall to place your keys and phones and avoid any frantic searches when you're on your way out the door.


3. Refreshing Spring Décor

As Spring is in full swing, why not refresh your home with new décor perfect for the season? Embrace Spring's vibrancy with fresh colours and textures. Consider adding a pop of colour with a super soft sage throw, draping it over your sofa or armchair to instantly brighten the room, or choosing neutral soft furnishings for a calm touch. Complement them with your new favourite vase or stylish planter on a side table, showcasing freshly picked blooms or seasonal greenery. Don't forget to introduce some beautiful Springtime fragrances, from fresh to floral scents, and enjoy your clean and refreshed living space.

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Whether you're getting ready for a big spring clean or simply in the mood to get organised, refreshing your home - beginning with the busiest areas and then cleaning by room - is a great way to prepare for the upcoming seasons. With stylish new storage solutions, like handy shelving or a spacious new sideboard, and beautiful Springtime accessories, perfect for refreshing your home, you're ready for a clean start this Spring.

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