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You’re sure to love the Minimal Luxe aesthetic if you lean toward simplicity and sophistication in your home. This style is all about creating an elegant and calm living space. A chic aesthetic that whispers luxury: think high-quality materials and clean lines. The cool neutrals of crisp whites, soft beiges, and earthy browns are perfect for Minimal Luxe spaces, while deep blacks and sleek greys add understated drama.

Choosing High Quality Pieces

Minimal Luxe embraces high quality materials and pieces - blending sleek and high quality features that speak volumes with their understated elegance. With our Salters Oak Collection, the beauty of solid oak is celebrated by its simple lines and tactile curves. Clean, geometric lines create these beautiful pieces, handmade with sustainable timber - they’re ideal for a Minimal Luxe interior.



Moving into the bedroom, The Sandhaven Collection is fantastic for bringing a Minimal Luxe look to life. This range is a collection of low level furniture that adds a subtle statement to your home. Smooth finishes and detailing create a contemporary style with this collection of handmade solid wood furniture. The Sandyford Collection also fits beautifully into this aesthetic, with its understated chic design - it creates furniture that’s not imposing, but is still eye-catching in its simplicity.

If you’re looking for a dining table with an impressive contemporary look, the Sandyford Dining Table Set is perfect for Minimal Luxe interiors, it’s effortlessly sophisticated, with a tabletop that's designed to appear to be floating above its square legs. This set achieves a sleek look with benches designed to tuck away under the table when not in use, offering versatile seating options for dining.

Colours and Textures

You can choose neutral colour palettes - whites, creams, greys, and accents of earth tones - that create a sense of serenity and cohesion throughout your home. Textures also add a luxe feel to your interior, perfect when paired with the colour palette of Minimal Luxe. Mix and match different textures - from smooth marble and polished metal to rich fabrics and natural wood - to create a beautifully calm and luxurious interior.

For example, a glossy marble countertop pairs beautifully with a matte black backsplash or layer a plush faux fur throw over a streamlined leather sofa. These subtle contrasts add warmth and dimension to your space.

The Little Luxe Details

It's the little details that can elevate a space from minimal to truly luxurious. Soft furnishings in neutral colours offer an easy way to refresh your living room. We adore this tactile textured bobble cushion for the depth it adds, combined with its neutral design. Similarly, this grey pouffe makes for the perfect addition to a living space with a neutral colour palette; its textured look provides a luxurious detail ideal for resting weary feet. Minimal Luxe interiors embrace the beauty of contrast by pairing sleek, minimalist surfaces with softer, more tactile materials. We love this super soft faux fur cushion for the warmth its soft material adds, subtly complementing high-quality furniture pieces made from natural elements, such as solid wood.

Adding some drama with the occasional accessory amongst a calm and refined interior embraces the Minimal Luxe style perfectly. Interesting pieces like this white vase with a sculptural design will add contrast and an eye-catching statement to your surfaces. Place a single faux stem into this vase to complete the look, or let it create a focal point all on its own!

We love using materials like granite and stone alongside natural materials such as wood to create a beautiful luxe aesthetic. You can embrace natural materials through your accessories, and your high-quality furniture choices can create visual interest. We adore this grey granite doorstop; weighty enough to hold open even the heaviest of doors, it adds both style and functionality.

When it comes to creating a timeless Minimal Luxe interior, our collection of handmade solid wood furniture, alongside beautiful accessories - from statement sculptural vases to neutral soft furnishings - offers options whether you love texture or are looking for a soothing piece to incorporate into your interior design. Our commitment to quality sustainable materials fits beautifully into the Minimal Luxe style, with a look of understated elegance. You can create a Minimal Luxe home that is an oasis of style and sophistication, perfect for a calming home interior.

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