How To Style Your Mantel When The Fire's Not In Use

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Is the weather not quite calling for a cosy fire? There are still plenty of reasons to style your mantel! Whether you are enjoying the summer sun or just taking a breather between snug evenings, your mantel is a charming piece in your living space - and the perfect place to display beautiful ways to accessorise and style it.


Choosing Your Focal Point

If you have a favourite statement vase, a large basket, or a zen lantern that you’d love to add to your mantel setup, it’s a good idea to choose your focal point and start incorporating your styling around it. For example, if you’ve chosen a beautiful vase, here’s where you can decide if you prefer a rustic style, opting for greenery that looks wild and wonderful, giving that fresh-from-the-garden feel. Or, you might prefer a more minimalist look, incorporating cooler tones and accessories, such as this black metal lantern that holds a candle, creating a serene glow. Choosing your focal point will also give you an idea of the colour palette you’d like to go for - whether neutrals or a pop of colour.


Experimenting With Colours and Textures

Style your mantel with different textures and materials, such as woven baskets or a vase arranged with soft feather stems, to add depth and visual intrigue. If you have a fireplace with a beautiful backdrop of exposed stone, pairing it with natural materials would complement this look beautifully. It's also a wonderful choice in spaces filled with raw natural elements such as solid wood furniture to add neutral accessories like woven baskets and rattan décor.

If you love a bolder look, don’t hesitate to mix and match textures and colours to create a vibrant mantel display that reflects your personal style. Why not choose a colourful vase such as this statement earthenware vase with its incredible dark blue and green design. Or, this dusky pink ceramic pot - it’s sure to bring your houseplants to life, and it has a textural swirly design that will add a charming look to your mantel styling.


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Adding Functional Fire Utensils

You'll need functional fire utensils and accessories if you use your wood burner or fireplace, but they don’t need to compromise on style! Our collection of fire sets and log baskets is perfect for creating a cosy and homely atmosphere - and they’re essential to have on hand when the fire is in use. Since they look great, there's no need to swap them out when the fire isn’t in use. For example, this iron log holder is not only super useful but also a lovely way to display logs all year round in a rustic style. You could also choose this beautifully simple steel curved log basket for a more minimalist home. Its metallic design also looks perfect in contemporary homes that love simply stylish accents.

Styling Your Finishing Touches

When it comes to adding greenery to your mantel, choosing low-maintenance varieties like succulents or ferns will keep things fresh and vibrant year-round. Simply move them out of the way when the fire’s in use, and then move them back when it’s off-duty. They’ll create a refreshing natural display that enhances the feel of relaxation in your living space.

A mirror is also a beautiful feature on your wall, and a great way to make your room feel even larger and brighter.


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Adding candles to your mantel is always a great idea to create a welcoming atmosphere. Choose this set of glass tealight holders to cast pretty shadows across your mantel, or, we love these stylish monochrome tea lights - perfectly suited to a contemporary space. For more simplistic décor, a group of white or beige pillar candles will create an elegant look alongside other neutral accessories. You could also add scented candles for a wonderful seasonal touch, when the fire’s burning, why not add woody, spiced scents to enhance the atmosphere’s feel. And, during the warmer months, light and fresh fragrances will make your home smell lovely and refreshing.


Even when the fire’s not in use, your mantel can become a stylish focal point. From choosing stylish yet functional fireside essentials to adding pops of greenery through houseplants and freshly cut flowers, in vases and pots to suit your aesthetic. Your mantel is a wonderful feature in your home where you can use a little creativity to make your living space even more beautiful.

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