How to Make a Small Hallway Work in a Busy Home

Thornley Console Table

In the hustle and bustle of a small hallway, maximising space and minimising clutter is key. There are so many beautiful interior design choices for your hallway that can set the first impression for your home. So, whether you're decorating with a small corridor or a cosy under-the-stairs nook, we've got you covered with our top tips on how to make a small hallway work in a busy home.


Use Stylish Storage Solutions


In a lively household, clutter can often appear in your hallway, when everyone steps in from the day and takes off their shoes, coats, bags, and puts down anything they’re carrying, from keys, to post. This can often create a ‘just dropped’ look - but with functional storage, you can add a solution! Consider choosing compact space-saving furniture like our low Armstrong Console Table - perfect for a busy hallway. You're greeted with ample and accessible storage options. Under the bench, there's space for boots and shoes, while the top offers a convenient spot for bags without compromising on style.

Or, the Pandon Console Table With Drawers which works well in small corridors and provides stylish storage without taking up too much space. Keys, purses, wallets, gloves, and other smaller items can be neatly tucked away in the two drawers, and shoes and boots can be stored underneath rather than on the floor. Our handmade solid wood console tables make the day-to-day activities of a small hallway a breeze - giving you a place to put down your belongings neatly, even in the busiest of homes.


Maximise Floor Space


If you're short on room for a traditional coat rack, why not choose for our wall-mounted coat hooks instead? With their understated design and space-saving style, they offer a streamlined alternative to make sure that your outerwear stays neatly organised and they don't take up room where floor space is premium!


Choosing Multi-Functional Pieces

Choose multifunctional pieces like our floating shelves, which not only provide stylish storage for displaying books and home accessories but also temporary storage for your everyday essentials. Everything has its designated spot, keeping items off the floor and making use of vertical space. Whether you’re adding storage baskets to shelving to keep them neat, or these sustainable storage baskets in your hallway - say goodbye to frantic searches for misplaced items, store your keys, wallets, and sunglasses by keeping them organised, within easy reach as you dash out the door.


Consider Your Layout

By reorganising your hallway for busy family life, you’ll enhance the flow of the space. Perhaps you could consider the placement of larger furniture, and arrange these items along the walls to create a clear central pathway.

Choosing sleek and slender designs to open up the space visually will give your small hallway a more spacious feel. For example, the simple lines and tactile curves of our Salter’s Oak range not only look stunning, but give you bags of storage space for all those things that often get left on the floor or windowsill.


Embrace Natural Light

Natural light is a small hallway's best friend. Keep those curtains or blinds light and breezy to let that sunshine flow freely, filling the space with a warm, welcoming glow. To add a cosy touch to a light and bright hallway, why not add a pop of colour with a vibrant rug or a printed door mat for a fun touch! These simple swaps can work wonders, transforming your hallway into a welcoming path through your home.


Adding Some Ambience

Once you’ve let that natural light do its thing during the day, seamlessly transition to ambient lighting with lamps and light fixtures. Illuminate your hallway with stylish lighting that adds a cosy glow to your entryway. If you lean towards Scandi-inspired interiors, our Tall Grey Concrete Table Lamp is the perfect finishing touch. Or, if you prefer a striking design, take a look at our Brass Hoop Table Lamp to add the warming tone of brass to your hallway and create an eye-catching focal point in your hallway.


Add Space-Enhancing Mirrors

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Of course, no hallway would be complete without a mirror. Not only do mirrors add depth and dimension to small spaces to create a feel of spaciousness - great for small hallways, but they also serve a practical purpose, for that last-minute appearance check before you dash out the door.


Create a Gallery Wall

You could also create a gallery wall in your hallway, with a collection of quirky prints and your favourite photos sure to put a smile on your face as you come and go in your hallway. Plus, it’s a great way of decorating without taking up space. Mix and match frames in different sizes and styles for an interesting look that adds some more personality to your hallway!

With a touch of creativity, your small hallway can be a centre of functionality and style, marking the bustling entryway of your home. By incorporating smart space-saving furniture, making use of lighting, and charming home accessories, each element harmoniously combines to transform your hallway from just a simple passageway into a welcoming oasis that handles the daily flurry with ease.

Create your own hallway haven, and take a look at our collection of hallway furniture and decor.

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