How to Create a Warm and Welcoming Hallway

How to Create a Warm and Welcoming Hallway

Here's our top tips and tricks you need to achieve an inviting hallway that will make a lasting first impression on all of your guests.

Although it may not seem it, the hallway is probably the most important room in your home, it is the first thing people see after all! So if you are looking for ideas of how to make the most out of it, look no further. With our beautiful range of hallway furniture and accessories, you can create some organisation, add that extra bit of storage and inject some more personality.

Hallways Lacking in Space

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Don't fret if your hallway is on the smaller side, it's all about being clever with your design and there's plenty of ways to utilise the space you have and make a fabulous entrance to your home.



1. Avoid bigger sized furniture that can make a space feel crowded.
Instead, make use of the walls around you and use shelving as a storage solution and you don't have to compromise on style either! Choose from solid wood floating shelves for a sleek and modern look or go bold with a bracket shelf to add extra interest.
Or, if you are looking for a piece of furniture for your hallway, opt for a more discrete console table. Our Bowes Hairpin Console Table has a sleek and narrow design which makes it ideals for use in smaller hallways whilst still providing all of the space and style you need.


2. Say goodbye to muddy footprints with a stylish doormat, but opt for one with a more streamlined design that won't take up much space.
Our Top Step Star Doormat covers the full width of the doorway whilst still having a more narrower style.



3. Stay away from large coat racks that will make your hallway feel cluttered.
Need somewhere to keep your coats and jackets so you can quickly get out of the door? Invest in some alternative storage solutions such as coat hooks which can be fitted into walls to keep everything neat and tidy. Our Oak and Leather coat hooks come in two size options and are perfect for homes with a Scandi influence.

Hallways Lacking in Style

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Just because your hallway has to be functional, it doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice your style. Create a pretty pathway into the rest of your home by injecting some more personality and fun into your design.




1. Lighting is always important, but even more so in your hallway, as it creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
Top your console table with a statement table lamp to create a stunning display and add ambience to your space.



2. Don't just leave your walls empty, fill them up with family photos, prints and artwork.
It's a great way to introduce a personal touch and makes an interesting focal point for your visitors. Our Oak Picture Shelf creates a perfect ledge so you can change and update your display regularly depending on the look you desire.


3. Pops of colour can be incorporated into your hallway in many ways.
Start with decorative pieces with interesting shapes such as vases and planters to add extra interest and dimension to your scheme. Our Round Green Vase makes a fabulous centrepiece on its own or it can be filled with flowers for even more impact.


Hallways Lacking in Organisation

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We all know the struggle of keeping on top of a busy family home. It's far too easy to just dump keys, shoes, bags and everything else at the front door and forget about it. So, we think it's time to get organised and give your hallway that extra bit of attention it deserves.



1. Console tables are great ideas for hallways as they are both practical and beautiful.
Our Salters Oak Console Table is perfect for creating a stunning display and even has extra storage for showcasing your favourite footwear, so you can grab everything you need and head out of the door.
2. So where should you keep all of your bits and pieces?
A trinket box is the ideal accessory for hiding away keys and money discretely, all whilst adding a stylish statement upon your console table.



3. One thing we are all too familiar with is the wet and rainy British weather, so having an umbrella close to hand at all times is a must!
Our Solid Oak Umbrella Stand is handmade and has a metal tray inserted at the base, perfect for catching all of the drips whilst your brollies dry off, keeping your flooring dry and of course looking fabulous in your hallway.

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