Create the Perfect Atmosphere to Enjoy a Leisurely Meal

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We encourage you to find moments to slow down and take the time to enjoy a leisurely meal, whether with family, friends, or during a cosy solo night in. Relax, and create a beautiful atmosphere for dining. Here are our top tips for turning your at-home meals into leisurely feasts.

Keep it Simple

Choosing furniture that is both stylish and functional is the perfect way to make mealtimes more relaxing. For example, adding a wine rack to your dining space is not just a charming feature - it's also practical for keeping your top wine selection within reach, and making sure there is no need to leave the room mid-meal.

Keep your table top simple for a calm and leisurely dining experience, but remember to have what you'll need nearby so you don't need to get up!

Consider bringing a spacious sideboard, like our wonderfully rustic Coleridge Sideboard, into your dining area. Here, you can store everything you need to lay the table - from candle holders to caddies. With its shaker-style doors and deep drawers, it's also ideal for storing cosy blankets. So, whether you're enjoying a refreshing breeze through open patio doors or a window, you've got everything you need to extend your dinner into the evening.

Meaningful Moments Over Meals

Start your meal times away from technology and distractions by turning off the TV and leaving your phone in the other room. Making a few small changes to your dining routine, such as removing electronics during mealtimes, or spending a little more time setting the table, can make a big difference in elevating the ambience of your dining space.

Why not get the rest of the family involved in mealtime prep? Encourage your little ones to think up a new table arrangement, and help to set the table - perfect for a laid-back weeknight meal where the table setting may not need to look so put-together. It's a fantastic way to make every meal feel special!

Effortless Weeknight Dinners

We love batch cooking - it not only saves time but also allows you to enjoy homemade goodness throughout the week. Pop any leftovers in a bamboo storage container to enjoy the following night or use as a packed lunch to take to work - providing you with more effortless meals. Being able to have home-cooked meals daily helps us feel good from the inside (and gets us quick nourishing meals without any hassle!)

As we get into the Summer months, think about preparing refreshing salads & storing them properly by putting the dressing in your container first - this keeps your veg lovely and crisp for the following day. Try out a storage jar for this, where your dressing can comfortably sit.


Practical Yet Stylish Serveware

Elevate the everyday by turning your meals into a centrepiece; serve your sides in a stunning stoneware dish or use a wooden chopping board that also acts as stylish serveware. We love bringing kitchen essentials to the dining table, making serving effortless and reducing washing up! From adding textures - through a slate pizza board or ribbed jug, or adding fun glassware. You can choose the perfect dining table additions that are not only practical but stylish too.

The Perfect Tabletop Accents

If you’re someone who loves fresh flowers in your home, bring them to the table for a serene ambience. Or, if you prefer potted plants, creating a refreshing display of succulents and houseplants - effortlessly placed on the table and easy to move afterwards - can transform your tabletop into a calming feature in your kitchen or dining room. Our collection of vases, planters, and ceramics will bring your houseplants to life, and display cut flowers to create a beautiful focal point.


Small touches can make a big difference in elevating the ambiance of your dining space. We love decanting where possible; whether into a matching pair of salt and pepper shakers or using a carafe for your water, these simple and easy touches create a special table top, perfect for elevating your dining. Keeping everything you’ll need during mealtimes on the dining table helps you to fully relax and be present in the moment.

By turning off technology and indulging in everyday luxuries at the dining table, you can transform your at-home meals into leisurely feasts. Our top tips, from choosing functional and stylish dining room furniture to involving the whole family in setting the table, add the perfect little touches that elevate your daily dining experience. Take a look at our range of tableware, to find pieces for dining in style.

Whether it’s a laid-back Tuesday evening or a special weekend gathering, enjoy the leisurely pace to brighten your mealtimes.

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