Brits Confess to Living Room Loving and Hallway Hell when Redecorating

Brits Confess to Living Room Loving and Hallway Hell when Redecorating

A recent study has found that when it comes to home makeovers, living rooms get the most attention while hallways get left behind.

Time to give the home a spruce up? Well, it’s the living room that is getting the most love from us, with 70% of people agreeing that this room is the first to get a new lick of paint and lease of life. But right down at the bottom of the to-do list is the hallway, which surprisingly is the first room guests are greeted with when entering your abode! So why is it that we redecorate in the first place?



When it comes to redecorating there a lot of factors to consider, such as keeping up with the latest trends and changing to fit within the seasons. However, according to new research conducted by Funky Chunky Furniture, 49% of people stated that the real reason they redecorate is because they get bored of their current style easily, with 54% of people admitting its not their favourite thing to do.

But let’s face it, the redecorating process can be long winded and tedious, some of us can feel overwhelmed and find it hard to know where to start. Moodboarding the design feels like an obvious starting point, especially with some many visual tools such as Instagram home bloggers and Pinterest. So, it is surprising that only 30% of people claimed that this was their favourite part of the journey. However, buying furniture was a firm favourite with almost half of the people asked agreeing that they found this the most enjoyable part of a home makeover.



A question that most of us want answering is how often we should be picking the paintbrush up or sourcing a new stylish wallpaper, with 88% revealing that this only happens every 2 years and longer. So, should we be making more of an effort with our interiors?



Emily at Funky Chunky Furniture explains:

"It is important that we redecorate as it is an outlet where we can express our own personality and style in a creative way. We are constantly influenced by the things surrounding us and we can use this in our homes by experimenting with patterns, colours and prints and accessories. Our environment has a strong link with our mental health and even something simple such as switching up a colour can have a positive impact."

This study is particularly interesting as the results have revealed that nearly half of us are bored of our current style, yet lack interest in moodboarding or planning a design. Perhaps it is time to get more inspired with the world of interior design and all it has to offer. Looking for a new source of ideas? We have plenty of inspiration to get you started.

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