2020 Interiors Trend: Mother Nature

2020 Interiors Trend: Mother Nature

Our team of designers and stylists have put their heads together and come up with what we believe to be the looks that everyone will be creating in their homes this year.

Our first trend prediction...Mother Nature


What Colours?

Green, warmer neutrals, earthier tones and pastels are going to be a very on-trend for 2020. Just as nature intended, the combination works really well.

Of course, this doesn't mean you have to redecorate - introduce colour with accessories, soft furnishings, pictures and wall hangings. Oh, and of course, plants!

The warmer tones of wooden furniture naturally work well with this theme too. Choose wax finishes that complement your room and work with existing furniture.

If you are considering painting your walls, use a darker green as base colour in large rooms, or as a feature colour in smaller spaces.

If you prefer a lighter, brighter, Scandi-style choose a pastel green for your home. Still very on-trend and works very well with this look.

What about Soft Furnishings?

Add a cosiness and a welcoming feel to your home. Go for natural fibres and combine different colours and styles.

Layer throws with cushions on sofas, blankets on beds, and super soft rugs over carpets underfoot.

Don't match colours and styles, go natural, be wild!

Sophie, Interior stylist at Funky Chunky Furniture discussing our wood options

Sophie O'Mahony

Sophie is our in-house interior fashion expert, writing our on-trend blogs and curates our ethical accessory collections.

Sophie works with the furniture designers at Funky Chunky Furniture - she has quite a bit of experience creating rustic interior design sets for photo shoots across all rooms in the home.

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