Guarantee - What Is Guaranteed?

We guarantee that our handcrafted furniture will be free from materials and manufacturing defects under normal domestic household use, for the entirety of the guarantee period.

Check Eligibility

  • The guarantee refers to all qualifying orders taken from 1 June 2021.
  • Only items that display the Guarantee logo are covered.
  • Before you buy - If furniture is covered by the guarantee, you’ll see the Guarantee logo displayed on its page on our website.
  • After you buy - you will find the information on your Order Confirmation Email. Presence of Guarantee logo on an item of furniture on the website after you have purchased is not confirmation that it was covered by the Guarantee when you bought it.
  • The Guarantee begins from the date you take delivery of your furniture. The Guarantee covers the original purchaser and is only valid if the order confirmation email is kept for purposes of verification.
  • The Guarantee is only valid for products purchased, installed and used in the United Kingdom for the entirety of the lifetime of the product.
  • The Guarantee covers normal domestic use only. Commercial use of any kind, for any duration, is not covered.

Our Guarantee does not cover:

  • general wear and tear,
  • misuse and wilful neglect,
  • inappropriate cleaning,
  • Natural characteristics of the wood including expected movement as it ages, such as bows, twists, cracks and splits, accidental damage, exposure to extreme heat, direct sunlight / UV colour damage, smoke damage, water damage, and other events outside of Funky Chunky Furniture’s control
  • If you alter, modify or repair the item of furniture yourself the Guarantee is no longer valid. Unless these alterations, modifications, or repairs are advised by one of Funky Chunky Furniture's representatives.
  • If you dismantle the item of furniture for any reason the Guarantee is no longer valid.