Guarantee - What does the guarantee offer?

If you make an eligible and valid claim under this guarantee then we will offer you one of the following, at our discretion:


  • If we propose a repair then you must enable and support this work to be carried out.
  • If we repair the product then this guarantee will continue to apply for the remainder of the original guarantee period.
  • We may at any time abandon a repair and offer you a replacement or refund.


  • If the furniture design is still in manufacture, we will offer you a replacement.
  • If the same item of furniture is not available, we may offer you a comparable model and design, but you will have to pay the difference in price if one exists, and you will not be obliged to accept this offer. This cannot be extended to a different range or type of furniture.
  • If we replace the item then the guarantee shall cease and the replacement product will not be covered by this guarantee.
  • We may at any time abandon a replacement and offer you a repair or a refund instead, at our sole discretion.


  • A refund of the price you originally paid for the product (excluding delivery charges, service charges, and any other charges)

Our total maximum liability under this guarantee is limited to the original purchase price (excluding delivery and other charges).