FSC® Certified

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FSC® Certified Wood

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Funky Chunky Furniture Ltd has been independently certified to the FSC® Standards (FSC-C177532).

This means that our shelves, mantels and furniture are certified as being made from wood that’s been managed in FSC forests, and forests that follow the FSC standards.

Globally recognised as the highest standard of responsible forestry, FSC certification is a real achievement and demonstrates a commitment to sustainability.

Why Should It Matter To You?

By choosing wood that’s FSC certified you are helping to protect the world’s forests and the animals and plants that live in them.

Forests are the lungs of our planet and to safeguard all our futures they need to be managed ethically and responsibly.

FSC-certified wood comes from well-managed forests and/or verified sources. These forests are managed in such a way that they fight deforestation, and protect the habitats of the wildlife, including endangered species, that call them home.

When you buy FSC-certified products you are shopping consciously. So, look out for the FSC logo on other brands you shop with too. And, if you can’t see one, ask!

Why Does It Matter To Funky Chunky Furniture?

We’re proud to say that we’ve always used sustainably sourced timbers for our shelves and mantels. To now have that recognised by the FSC is the icing on the cake. It confirms that our wood is sourced from the most reputable and sustainable sources.

As an environmentally responsible business, FSC certification is just one part of our sustainability project. You can find out more about our other initiatives on our sustainability page.