Our Oak Timbers

Why We Use Air Dried Oak

We love working with wood and all its natural, organic properties. We’ve chosen air-dried oak for our mantels and shelves because it allows the timber to behave as naturally as it possibly can, giving you a beautiful, original piece for your home.

The air-drying process is as close to the natural environment as you can get. It means that the oak has been allowed to dry naturally and over time.

The process has not been sped up by the wood being place in a kiln. Instead, after the oak has been cut, it's been stored and allowed to follow a completely natural process of drying out. 

Authentic, One Of A Kind Oak

Our oak timbers are a natural product. Each piece is different, and our craftsmen work with these natural shapes to create beautiful pieces for you. Often the timbers have waney edges, or "notches" in them. We don't work against the natural timber, and remove these shapes. We work with the wood, retaining all its natural characteristics. So each piece is unique, one of a kind.

These oak timbers take on a very authentic appearance as they age and settle into their new environments.

Wood that's allowed to air dry continues with this drying process for some period of time. That's why, when you receive an oak mantel or shelf from us, you can expect it to continue with this natural drying process for some time to come, particularly as it adjusts to its new environment in your home. 

Most of the movement and changes will occur within the first three months. During this time you can expect to watch and enjoy the natural process as the timber gradually transforms. Cracks and splits will start to appear, the timber may twist and bow slightly.

We love to watch the organic process of the oak transforming, and aging. Because, let's face it, it's natural, and it’s happening to all of us too!

Your Oak Mantel Or Shelf

How much movement you experience within your own oak shelf or mantel really is unique to both the timber and your home. Every homeis different, depending on the moisture content of the air, the level of central heating, or how close the timber is to a wood burner, or other heat source.

Direct heat can cause the movement to be quite considerably more exaggerated, but these shelves and mantels are suitable to be placed above a heat source. We recommend a minimum of 50cm clearance, and introducing the oak to the heat very gradually over time.

Our Oak In Customers' Homes

Take a look at the images below, or click into our gallery of customer pics to see what our beautiful oak timbers can look like after they've fully settled into life in our customers' homes.