An Interview with… Scarlett - Home Interiors Influencer

An Interview with… Scarlett - Home Interiors Influencer

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Scarlett, home interiors influencer and fan of all things warm neutrals. She loves natural elements in her home, and enjoys the aesthetic of our furniture and accessories here at Funky Chunky Furniture.

We spoke to Scarlett about her beautiful home, interior style, and the journey of building her home interiors Instagram account.

How long have you lived in your current home, and what initially drew you to it to style it in the way that you have?

We’ve lived in our home for just under 5 years. I’ve always wanted a new build for our first home, a home that was a blank slate ready for us to style it how we wanted to! When we first started to decorate, I loved warm neutrals with lots of natural elements, such as wood, stone and plants. They introduced different textures and helped create a warm and cosy home that we wanted.

Why did you set up a home interiors Instagram account, what is your favourite part about it, and do you have any advice for anyone wanting to start up a home account?

When we first bought our home, I started following lots of home accounts for inspiration. It was fun to see others creating their own homes, so I thought I would start my own. I’m a really creative person and love taking photographs, editing and chatting away to other like minded people.

However, I was really embarrassed when I first created my account, for some strange and unknown reason, so I made it private and didn’t tell anyone about it! Then one day, after I had been watching some of my favourite home accounts, I just thought, why am I hiding? So I made it public and it was the best thing I could have done.

If I was to give some advice for starting your own home account, it would be to just make a start. The first piece of content can be really daunting, so using your favourite photo and introducing yourself in the caption is a great way to do it. Also, following some accounts that are like minded and engaging with their content is a good way to build your community.

Can you share a tip or trick for quickly refreshing a space or adding a touch of personality to a room?

Accessories are perfect for quickly refreshing a space. Not everyone has the time or budget to completely make over a room, but switching over some cushion covers with a new colour, hanging a mirror to reflect the light into the room or even adding a few plants to bring some greenery into your home, all these little touches will transform your room with minimal effort.

What's your go-to room in your home, and what makes it particularly special to you?

My favourite room is probably my kitchen. I love baking, chatting with friends round the table and looking out into the garden from the patio doors. It was the first room we officially decorated, adding panelling as our first DIY project during Covid. It is now undergoing a little transformation as we have just knocked through the back wall into our extension, letting in a lot more light and creating a few additional spaces for our home.

What's your favourite piece of décor or furniture in your home, and what's the story behind it?

My favourite décor is probably our faux fireplace. It has a beautiful mantel beam above it, from yourselves and I love to decorate it for the seasons. In the winter, there are fairy lights and the faux fire is on. In the spring and summer we decorate it with flowers and in Autumn I can decorate it with pumpkins. I always feel so cosy and it really changes the atmosphere in the room when we have it on.

Could you share a DIY or upcycling project you've enjoyed working on in your home?

Ooo, so the DIY I have probably enjoyed the most, is our hallway panelling. Our hallway was crying out for a feature space in there and we really lacked storage, when we first moved in. All of the quotes we had were a lot of money and we figured it couldn’t be that difficult. So we tried it ourselves and it was really easy. We purchased all the MDF cut to size and fixed it to the wall. I found some cute little wooden pegs off of EBay and we finished it all off with a coat of hard wearing paint. We use the coat pegs every day and it really transformed the space, in total we spent about £65!

How do you use colour to evoke certain moods or feelings in different areas of your home?

Throughout our home, it was really important to us that we had calm spaces. Life can get really overwhelming so we wanted to use a monochrome palette , to help us unwind and relax. Wherever you are in our home, you can always feel calm and cosy.

What's one design trend you're currently loving and incorporating into your home?

I love seeing the neutral tones starting to be mixed with earthy colours and materials, incorporating plenty of organic wooden and stone textures. I’ve started introducing deep brown clay colours and sage greens, blending them with my existing style. With the extension almost finished, we have a few spaces that are perfect for this! So keep an eye out to see what we do.

What's your go-to source for home décor inspiration or shopping and are there any specific influencers or designers who inspire your interior style?

My social media is filled with lots of inspirational accounts, showing DIY tutorials, shopping hauls with beautiful pieces on a budget and stunning room transformations. I also use Pinterest if I have a certain idea in my head, creating boards and collating all of the relevant images until I have a clear idea of what I want to do and how I can achieve it. All of these really inspire my style and I love to see how others create their own homes. I have a few favourite accounts @redrowludlow, @renovating174, @gardenthirtythree, and @reynoldsresidence they all have such engaging accounts!

Lastly, if you could redesign any room in your home right now, which would it be, and what changes would you make?

I have my eyes set on our spare room, the room is ready for a refresh and I’ve been saving lots of inspirational images! I want to create a darker room, introducing soft textures for a soothing atmosphere and lots of cushions, blankets, and plants. As I mentioned earlier, those little things can really transform a room! Right now I’m trying my hardest to be patient because we have a lot on with the house at the moment and my biggest beige flag is that I start something and then take ages to finish it. I think in total we have 17 projects on the go!

It was lovely speaking to Scarlett about her home and wonderful style. We’re excited to see how her interiors evolve and loved hearing about her journey to building her home interiors Instagram account. Check out Scarlett's fantastic home account on Instagram @scarlett_at_home.

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