Bespoke Furniture - Designed & Made Just For You

Bespoke Furniture - Designed & Made Just For You

Do you make bespoke furniture? It's a question we're asked every day, and the answer is YES!

And we love doing it too!

Take a look at this bed that Andrew designed for a customer and Chris has just finished making this morning. We took a quick picture before the dispatch team package it up and get it ready for delivery.

bespoke furniture design, handmade solid wood bed
Bespoke furniture - designed by Andrew, made by Chris.

We have a workshop full of talented craftspeople and Andrew, our product designer on hand to create the drawings and make sure it'll look beautiful.

So whether you've seen one of our own designs and want it changed slightly, or have an idea for something completely different, do get in touch with the bespoke design team contact customer services on 0191 424 2494 or email

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